Project proposals submitted in response to the annual call for proposals are evaluated with the assistance of external independent experts in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency along with staff from the EACI . Based on the outcomes of this evaluation, proposers are informed of the results.

The evaluation procedure in action

The proposals are evaluated on the basis of the online submission. The experts evaluate each proposal according to the award criteria laid out in the call for proposals. Criteria for the 2011 call included:

  • Relevance of the proposed action;
  • Quality of implementation methodology;
  • Ambition and credibility of the impacts of the proposed action;
  • EU added value;
  • Resources allocated to the proposed action.

Award criteria may differ for specific types of actions. Consult the call document for a full list of award criteria.

Milestones in the evaluation process

There are four steps that follow the submission of an application:

Step 1: Evaluation of proposals with the assistance of external independent experts

Step 2: Notification of applicants via the coordinator
(Other members of the team should contact the coordinator to find out if the proposal has been successful)

Step 3: Contract negotiation if recommended for funding

Step 4: Contract signature

Become an expert evaluator

If you are an expert in energy efficiency, renewables or transport and are interested in helping the EACI with the evaluation or current and past proposals then please get the information you need to apply.

This database of registered experts will also be used by the EU's Eco-Innovation initiative and Marco Polo programme so if your background is in the greening of business or sustainable transport, please consider applying.

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