Funding areas

Funding under the Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme was available for different types of actions furthering the EU's efforts towards clean and sustainable energy. The main areas covered were energy efficiency, new and renewable resources and energy in transport as well as integrated initiatives which combine several of these or address more than one economic sector at the same time.

Each annual call for proposal sets its own priority areas for funding. Consult the relevant call in the 'Call for proposals' section of the site.

Energy efficiency and the rational use of energy (SAVE)

Funding in this area mainly targets the improvement of energy efficiency and the rational use of resources in the industry, products and building sectors.

Examples of supported actions:

  • providing training on construction techniques allowing for energy savings;
  • increasing energy efficiency in outdoor lighting and transferring this knowledge within the EU.

New and renewable resources (ALTENER)

In this area, funding is provided to increase the share of renewables in the production of electricity, heat and cooling, and to integrate them in the local energy systems.

Examples of supported actions:

  • tackling non-technological barriers to speed up the introduction of wind energy onto the EU's energy market;
  • developing training schemes for installers of small-scale renewable energy systems.

Energy in transport (STEER)

This strand covers initiatives targeting energy savings and energy efficiency in the transport sector, including stimulation of demand for alternative fuels and clean and energy-efficient vehicles.

Examples of supported actions:

  • promoting cycling for everyone as daily transport mode;
  • encouraging energy efficiency in urban logistics.

Integrated initiatives

These initiatives cover several economic sectors or several of the main areas of energy efficiency, new and renewable resources and energy in transport at the same time. Projects educating children, tomorrow's energy savers and consumers, are covered by this part of the programme.

Examples of supported actions:

  • monitoring of policy practice in energy efficiency across different sectors;
  • raising awareness about renewable energy sources, rational use of energy and mobility through educational projects.

Find out more about projects that have been co-financed by IEE in the IEE in action section.

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