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To find a renewable energy partnership, you may search it by type of renewable energy and/or by country using the search engine in the top of the page.
A list of renewable energy partnerships corresponding to the characteristics you have selected will appear. Click over the partnership you are interested in to obtain more information.
If there is no partnership with those characteristics, a message will appear.
Documents in Portable Document Format (pdf)
If you wish to download the catalogue or documents related to a renewable energy partnership in Portable Document Format (pdf), you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software.
You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free pressing the following button:

You may also need WinZip as some documents are zipped.
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If you wish to print information about a renewable energy partnership, you may click on the "Printable version" link which is located at the lower right of each partnership`s page.
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To request a print version of the catalogue, you may fill in all the fields in the request catalogue form and press "send".
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If you wish to send comments about the information contained in this site,
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