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RE Partnership Country Sector Promoter Fecha
100% RE supplied Region Lübow-Krassow Germany RES Solar Initiative Mecklenburg - Vorpommern e. V. (SIMV e.V.) 2002
CHIETI 104, renewable energetic source Italy RES Province of Chieti 2001
DEMONSTRATION of housing energisation to reduce climate change United Kingdom STH-SPV Parallax - Sustainable Development Solutions (Pty) Ltd. 2003
ECOPOWER brings together Flemish citizens to invest in renewable energy Belgium RES Ecopower cvba 2001
ENERGIE 21, the energy action plan of Upper Austria Austria RES O. Ö, Energiesparverband (Regional Energy Agency of Upper Austria) 2001
ENERGY planning in Navarre Spain RES Department of Industry, Technology, Commerce and labour of the Navarre Regional Goverment 2003
ENHANCING the proactive role of local and regional authorities towards RES in the Netherlands Netherlands RES The Dutch Office for Renewable Energy 2002
NORDHEIM-WESTFALLEN renewable energy strategy Germany RES Energy Agency of NORDHEIM-WESTFALLEN 2003
PLAN for the Promotion of wind power in the Basque Country: Eólicas de Euskadi Spain Wind Eólicas de Euskadi SA 2002
PROMOTION of renewable energy sources in the "Ile of France" France RES ARENE Ile de France (energy agency) 2003
PROSOL: Programme for Promotion of Solar Thermal Energy Installations Spain Solar Thermal Dirección General de Industria, Energía y Minas 2000
RE-ALQUEVA project Portugal RES EDIA - Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estruturas de Alqueva S.A. 2003
RENEWABLE energy sources in Sardinia Italy RES General Directorate for Environment of the Sardinian Region (Environmental Board) 2003
Regional Biomass Initiatives around Europe - REGBIE Germany Biomass Target GmbH, Germany 2003
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Buildings Germany RES Ministerium für Städtebau und Wohnen, Kultur und Sport 2000
Renewable Energy today in the Rhônes-Alpes region France RES Rhôdes-Alpes Regional Council (Conseil Régional de Rhônes-Alpes) 2003
SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC facilities for secondary education centres in the Basque Country Spain Solar Photovoltaic Ente Vasco de la Energía, EVE (Basque energy agency) 2002
THE CENTER of excellent for developing new and renewable energy United Kingdom RES New and Renewable Energy Centre (NaREC). 2003
VARESE LIGURE 100% sustainable Italy RES Comune di Varese Ligure 2003
WIND POWER PLAN for the Valencia Region Spain Wind Regional Government of Valencia 2001