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RE Partnership Country Sector Promoter Fecha
15% Target for renewable energy in 2010 France RES STMicroelectronics 2003
176,000 t/y of Bioethanol Production for ETBE in Spain Spain Liquid Bio-fuels REPSOL-YPF, S.A. - CEPSA - ABENGOA 2000
Degasification of the El Garraf Landfill Site Spain Bio-Gas Unión Temporal de Empresas Biogás Garraf 2002
EU-WIND: Wind farm project pioneers support the Campaign for Take-Off Germany Wind Plambeck Neue Energien AG 2002
From PV pioneer to renewable energy champion France STH-SPV Hespul 2003
MARKET development for renewable energy sources in Castilla-León Spain Wind Biovent Energía S.A. 2003
POHJOLAN Voima's bioenergy program Finland Biomass Pohjolan Voima Oy 2003
Plug in the Sun: Solar Energy across the World United Kingdom Solar Photovoltaic BP Solar 2000
Solar Installations for Hotel Establishments in Europe France STH-SPV ACCOR 2000