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RE Partnership Country Sector Promoter Fecha
"Biomass Heating Entrepreneur of the Year 2000", a National Competition Finland Biomass Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry, VTT Energy, Motiva 2000
BIOSPHERE HOTELS, renewable energies to build sustainable tourism Spain Solar thermal ITR (Institute of Responsible Tourism) 2001
CEPI's declaration of intent on renewable energy sources Belgium Biomass The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) 2003
CityRES 2010 France RES Energie-Cités 2003
EREC - European Renewable Energy Council - the European Platform for RES Belgium RES EREC (European Renewable Energy Council ) 2002
EUROPEAN solar campus programme Germany RES The COPERNICUS Programme of the EUA 2002
FÜRSTENFELDBRUCK'S energy turn Germany RES ZIEL 21 e.V. (Center for Innovative Energies in the District of Fürstenfeldbruck) 2001
Green Energy from the Heart of the Earth Italy Geothermal The International Geothermal Association and its European Branch 2000
INSULA, towards islands 100% RES France RES Insula (International Scientific Council for Island Development) 2001
LOW COST photovoltaic energy Italy Solar Photovoltaic AISEF (Italian Association for Development of Photovoltaic Energy) 2003
PORTAL DAS ENERGIAS RENOVÁVEIS: Portugal RES Enerlink – divulgação e tecnologias informáticas, Lda. 2003
PROMOTING the deployment of renewable energy sources in Ireland Ireland RES REIO (Renewable Energy Information Office) 2002
Promotion Programme for Bio-gas from Waste and Agriculture Denmark Bio-Gas Bioenergy Department, University of Southern Denmark 2000
SIBART (seeing is believing as replication tool) Spain RES Geohabitat 2003
SOLTHERM Europe Initiative Netherlands Solar thermal Ecofys BV The Netherlands 2001
SUSTAIN 2001-2003. International Trade Fair on Sustainable Energy Netherlands RES Amsterdam RAI 2000
The Challenger Communities Sweden RES Municipality of Lund, Säffle, Växjö, Uppsala, Övertorneå 2000