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RE Partnership Country Sector Promoter Fecha
"Biomass Heating Entrepreneur of the Year 2000", a National Competition Finland Biomass Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry, VTT Energy, Motiva 2000
"MISSION Environment" in the municipality of Rennes France RES Municipality of Rennes 2002
"PV ROOFS" Programme Italy Solar Photovoltaic Ministry of Environment 2002
100% RE supplied Region Lübow-Krassow Germany RES Solar Initiative Mecklenburg - Vorpommern e. V. (SIMV e.V.) 2002
15% Target for renewable energy in 2010 France RES STMicroelectronics 2003
176,000 t/y of Bioethanol Production for ETBE in Spain Spain Liquid Bio-fuels REPSOL-YPF, S.A. - CEPSA - ABENGOA 2000
ASVIN Programme: development and dissemination of solar energy systems for villages in the Himalayan Region of India France Solar Photovoltaic ASVIN Programme 2001
Action Plan for Large Scale Deployment of RES in Crete Greece RES Hellenic Republic - Region of Crete 2000
AerØ: A Renewable Energy Island Denmark RES VE-Organisation Aerø - Aerøskoebing Kommune 2000
Aiming for a Renewable Energy: Lund Sweden RES The municipality of Lund 2000
BERLIN action for climate protection Germany RES Berlin Ministry for Urban Development 2003
BIOSPHERE HOTELS, renewable energies to build sustainable tourism Spain Solar thermal ITR (Institute of Responsible Tourism) 2001
Barcelona Renewable 2004 Spain RES City Council of Barcelona 2000
CEPI's declaration of intent on renewable energy sources Belgium Biomass The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) 2003
CHIETI 104, renewable energetic source Italy RES Province of Chieti 2001
CLIMATE protection in Heidelberg - working together against pollution Germany RES Office of Environmental Protection, Energy and Health Promotion 2002
CONVERSION of traditional windmills on Majorca to electricity generation Spain Wind Campos Town Council 2002
Canary Islands Renewable Energy Programme Spain RES Cabildo Insular de Tenerife 2000
CityRES 2010 France RES Energie-Cités 2003
Comune Solarizzato - A Market for Solar Thermal Installation Italy Solar Photovoltaic Ministry of the Environment 2000
DEMONSTRATION of housing energisation to reduce climate change United Kingdom STH-SPV Parallax - Sustainable Development Solutions (Pty) Ltd. 2003
Degasification of the El Garraf Landfill Site Spain Bio-Gas Unión Temporal de Empresas Biogás Garraf 2002
Diffusion Campaign for Solar Thermal Systems with Natural Gas back-up Italy Solar Thermal Ázienda Speciale AMG 2000
ECOPOWER brings together Flemish citizens to invest in renewable energy Belgium RES Ecopower cvba 2001
EL HIERRO Island, biosphere reserve, 100% RES supply Spain RES El Hierro Island Authority 2001
ENERGIE 21, the energy action plan of Upper Austria Austria RES O. Ö, Energiesparverband (Regional Energy Agency of Upper Austria) 2001
ENERGY planning in Navarre Spain RES Department of Industry, Technology, Commerce and labour of the Navarre Regional Goverment 2003
ENHANCING the proactive role of local and regional authorities towards RES in the Netherlands Netherlands RES The Dutch Office for Renewable Energy 2002
EREC - European Renewable Energy Council - the European Platform for RES Belgium RES EREC (European Renewable Energy Council ) 2002
EU-WIND: Wind farm project pioneers support the Campaign for Take-Off Germany Wind Plambeck Neue Energien AG 2002
EUROPEAN solar campus programme Germany RES The COPERNICUS Programme of the EUA 2002
FURTH. A Place in the Sun Germany RES Community of Furth 2000
FURTH. A Place in the Sun. Kick-off activity for PV implementation, Phase II Germany Solar Photovoltaic Community of Furth 2002
Fossil Fuel Free Uppsala Sweden RES Municipality of Uppsala 2000
Fossil Fuel Free Växjö Sweden RES Municipality of Växjö 2000
From PV pioneer to renewable energy champion France STH-SPV Hespul 2003
FÜRSTENFELDBRUCK'S energy turn Germany RES ZIEL 21 e.V. (Center for Innovative Energies in the District of Fürstenfeldbruck) 2001
GENEVA'S energy policy Switzerland RES The city of Geneva 2003
Green Energy from the Heart of the Earth Italy Geothermal The International Geothermal Association and its European Branch 2000
INSULA, towards islands 100% RES France RES Insula (International Scientific Council for Island Development) 2001
INTEGRATION of RES in the revitalisation of European cities: "EU competition for bioclimatic urban redevelopment" Germany RES District Government Board Chemnitz and a Consortium of the six municipalities, German Federal Ministry for Traffic, Building and Housing, Austrian Federal Ministry of Public Economy and Transport, Hungarian Ministry for Commerce, EUROSOLAR 2002
Integrated Energy Management for SME's Spain RES IDAE 2000
KRISTIANSTAD, fossil fuel free municipality Sweden RES Municipality of Kristianstad 2001
LOW COST photovoltaic energy Italy Solar Photovoltaic AISEF (Italian Association for Development of Photovoltaic Energy) 2003
Lüchow: Planning the Changeover to RES within 10 to 15 Years Germany RES District Luechow - Dannenberg 2000
MADEIRA Greenhotel Portugal RES AREAM - Agência Regional da Energia e Ambiente da regiao Autónoma da Madeira 2003
MARKET development for renewable energy sources in Castilla-León Spain Wind Biovent Energía S.A. 2003
MONTMELIAN - Solar x 2 in 2005 France STH-SPV Municipality of Montmélian 2003
Malmö Bo01 Residential and Office Area in the Western Port Sweden RES The City of Malmö 2000
NATIONAL Programme on RES in Bulgaria Bulgaria RES Ministry of Energy and Energy Resources (MEER) 2003
NORDHEIM-WESTFALLEN renewable energy strategy Germany RES Energy Agency of NORDHEIM-WESTFALLEN 2003
PLAN "ENERGIE +" in the municipality of Clermont- Ferrand France RES Municipality of Clermont-Ferrand 2002
PLAN for the Promotion of wind power in the Basque Country: Eólicas de Euskadi Spain Wind Eólicas de Euskadi SA 2002
POHJOLAN Voima's bioenergy program Finland Biomass Pohjolan Voima Oy 2003
PORTAL DAS ENERGIAS RENOVÁVEIS: Portugal RES Enerlink – divulgação e tecnologias informáticas, Lda. 2003
POWYS' renewable energy development plan United Kingdom RES Powys County Council, Wales 2001
PROJECTO GIRASSOL - The biggest PV Plant in the world Portugal STH-SPV Amper Central Solar, S.A. 2003
PROMOTING the deployment of renewable energy sources in Ireland Ireland RES REIO (Renewable Energy Information Office) 2002
PROMOTION of renewable energy sources in the "Ile of France" France RES ARENE Ile de France (energy agency) 2003
PROSOL: Programme for Promotion of Solar Thermal Energy Installations Spain Solar Thermal Dirección General de Industria, Energía y Minas 2000
Plug in the Sun: Solar Energy across the World United Kingdom Solar Photovoltaic BP Solar 2000
Promotion Programme for Bio-gas from Waste and Agriculture Denmark Bio-Gas Bioenergy Department, University of Southern Denmark 2000
RE-ALQUEVA project Portugal RES EDIA - Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estruturas de Alqueva S.A. 2003
RENEWABLE energies for sustainable development in developing countries France RES Fondation Energies pour le Monde (FONDEM) 2001
RENEWABLE energy sources and rational use of energy in the city of Munich Germany RES Department of Health and Environment, Munich City Council 2002
RENEWABLE energy sources in Sardinia Italy RES General Directorate for Environment of the Sardinian Region (Environmental Board) 2003
RESUELVA, renewable energy sources in the province of Huelva Spain RES Provincial Authority of Huelva 2001
Regional Biomass Initiatives around Europe - REGBIE Germany Biomass Target GmbH, Germany 2003
Renewable Energies for Bologna Italy RES Muncipality of Bologna 2000
Renewable Energy Park for the Island of Corfu Greece RES Municipality of Thinalli 2000
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Buildings Germany RES Ministerium für Städtebau und Wohnen, Kultur und Sport 2000
Renewable Energy today in the Rhônes-Alpes region France RES Rhôdes-Alpes Regional Council (Conseil Régional de Rhônes-Alpes) 2003
SAMSOE The Danish Renewable Energy Island Denmark RES Samsoe Energiselskab Smba 2000
SERPA project - renewable energy sources for mountain regions France RES Transénergy S.A. 2003
SIBART (seeing is believing as replication tool) Spain RES Geohabitat 2003
SLOVENIAN National Biomass Energy Programme – Tools to remove barriers - Slovenia Biomass Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy
AURE – Agency for the Efficient Use of Energy
SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC facilities for secondary education centres in the Basque Country Spain Solar Photovoltaic Ente Vasco de la Energía, EVE (Basque energy agency) 2002
SOLAR-NA-KLAR, a national promotion campaign for solar collectors Germany Solar thermal BAUM (German Environmental Management Association) 2001
SOLTHERM Europe Initiative Netherlands Solar thermal Ecofys BV The Netherlands 2001
STRASBOURG urban community promotes RES France RES Urban Community of Strasbourg 2003
SUSTAIN 2001-2003. International Trade Fair on Sustainable Energy Netherlands RES Amsterdam RAI 2000
SUSTAINABLE islands programme Italy RES Ministry of Environment 2002
Solar Installations for Hotel Establishments in Europe France STH-SPV ACCOR 2000
Säffle - A Municipality with Minimized Use of Fossil Fuels Sweden RES Säffle Municipality 2000
THE CENTER of excellent for developing new and renewable energy United Kingdom RES New and Renewable Energy Centre (NaREC). 2003
THIRD PARTY FINANCING and the take-off of renewable energy sources in Spain Spain RES IDAE 2003
Take-off Campaign for Renewable Energy Sources in France France RES ADEME 2000
The Challenger Communities Sweden RES Municipality of Lund, Säffle, Växjö, Uppsala, Övertorneå 2000
The Municipality of Gotland: A Renewable Energy Island in the Baltic Sea Sweden RES Municipality of Gotland 2000
The SOLAR HEAT PLUS Initiative Germany STH-SPV German Energy Agency (DENA) 2003
VARESE LIGURE 100% sustainable Italy RES Comune di Varese Ligure 2003
WESTRAY – UNST Communities Renewable Energy Partnership United Kingdom RES Westray Development Trust 2003
WIND POWER PLAN for the Valencia Region Spain Wind Regional Government of Valencia 2001
WOOD pellet promotion in Ireland-delivering pellet power Ireland Biomass Galtee Fuels Ltd 2003
WORLD NETWORK on bioenergy - A global RE partnership Belgium Biomass The European Biomass Industry Association - EUBIA 2003
YEELEN KURA: a decentralised service company for rural electrification in Mali France Solar Photovoltaic EdF (Electricité de France)
Nuon (Dutch energy and water provider)
ÉCIJA, sun city Spain RES Municipality of Écija 2001
Övertorneå: Renewable Energy for Europe Sweden RES Municipality of Övertorneå 2000