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"MISSION Environment" in the municipality of Rennes France RES Municipality of Rennes 2002
AerØ: A Renewable Energy Island Denmark RES VE-Organisation Aerø - Aerøskoebing Kommune 2000
Aiming for a Renewable Energy: Lund Sweden RES The municipality of Lund 2000
CLIMATE protection in Heidelberg - working together against pollution Germany RES Office of Environmental Protection, Energy and Health Promotion 2002
CONVERSION of traditional windmills on Majorca to electricity generation Spain Wind Campos Town Council 2002
FURTH. A Place in the Sun Germany RES Community of Furth 2000
FURTH. A Place in the Sun. Kick-off activity for PV implementation, Phase II Germany Solar Photovoltaic Community of Furth 2002
Fossil Fuel Free Uppsala Sweden RES Municipality of Uppsala 2000
Fossil Fuel Free Växjö Sweden RES Municipality of Växjö 2000
INTEGRATION of RES in the revitalisation of European cities: "EU competition for bioclimatic urban redevelopment" Germany RES District Government Board Chemnitz and a Consortium of the six municipalities, German Federal Ministry for Traffic, Building and Housing, Austrian Federal Ministry of Public Economy and Transport, Hungarian Ministry for Commerce, EUROSOLAR 2002
KRISTIANSTAD, fossil fuel free municipality Sweden RES Municipality of Kristianstad 2001
Lüchow: Planning the Changeover to RES within 10 to 15 Years Germany RES District Luechow - Dannenberg 2000
MONTMELIAN - Solar x 2 in 2005 France STH-SPV Municipality of Montmélian 2003
Malmö Bo01 Residential and Office Area in the Western Port Sweden RES The City of Malmö 2000
POWYS' renewable energy development plan United Kingdom RES Powys County Council, Wales 2001
RENEWABLE energy sources and rational use of energy in the city of Munich Germany RES Department of Health and Environment, Munich City Council 2002
RESUELVA, renewable energy sources in the province of Huelva Spain RES Provincial Authority of Huelva 2001
SAMSOE The Danish Renewable Energy Island Denmark RES Samsoe Energiselskab Smba 2000
SUSTAINABLE islands programme Italy RES Ministry of Environment 2002
Säffle - A Municipality with Minimized Use of Fossil Fuels Sweden RES Säffle Municipality 2000
The Municipality of Gotland: A Renewable Energy Island in the Baltic Sea Sweden RES Municipality of Gotland 2000
WESTRAY – UNST Communities Renewable Energy Partnership United Kingdom RES Westray Development Trust 2003
ÉCIJA, sun city Spain RES Municipality of Écija 2001
Övertorneå: Renewable Energy for Europe Sweden RES Municipality of Övertorneå 2000