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RE-ALQUEVA project
Alentejo is a rural region of Portugal in the south of the country, with a population around 543,000 inhabitants. The Multipurpose Alqueva Project, which has a direct influence on 19 municipalities located around the Alqueva basin, consists of a set of actions that link environmental, energy and economic objectives. The main infrastructures planned are the Alqueva Dam and hydropower plant; the Pedrógao Dam and hydropower plant; the Alqueva-Alamos water supply system and the primary and secondary irrigation system.

After a period focusing on the construction of the Alqueva Dam and the initial filling of the Alqueva basin, in 2003 the strategy was extended to enhancing the potential of other sources of energy such as wind, solar and biofuel technologies. In all cases, a strong partnership has been created with the local authorities, research institutions and other private companies in the energy sector.

EDIA - Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estruturas de Alqueva S.A.

Parties involved:
· Research Centre for Energy, Transport and Environment Economics (CEEETA)
· Sistemas de Gestão e Informação, Lda (UNIREDE)
· Austrian Biofuels Institute (ABI)
· GESTALQUEVA (a consortium between EDIA and some municipalities)
· Agência Regional de Energia do Centro e Baixo Alentejo (ARECBA, regional energy agency)
· EDP Group Companies
· Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica e Gestão Industrial (INEGI, research institution)

Mr. Alvaro Gonçalves Martins Monteiro
CEEETA - Research Centre for Energy, Transport and Environment Economics
Rua Dr. António, n- 10 - 4- andar
1050 078 Lisboa - Portugal
Tel: 00 351 21 319 48 50
Fax: 00 351 21 314 04 11


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