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RENEWABLE energy sources in Sardinia
The energy consumption of the region of Sardinia is very imbalanced, with a preponderance of the use fossil fuels. This is partly due to its situation as an island, which makes connecting to the electricity and natural gas grids more difficult (in this latter case, there is no connection at all, although plans exist to extend the methane and the natural gas grid in the medium term).

The Regional Energy Plan, which was first drafted in the late 1990s, and which is still being debated, tried to reverse this situation by placing special emphasis on reducing energy consumption and the consequent greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energy sources can make an extremely valuable contribution to meeting the objectives of the Plan, and thus, the Regional Department for Environment and the Environmental Board (which is responsible for Environmental Protection and is subdivided into specialised departments such as the Sustainable Environmental Services), have decided to promote the creation of a local partnership that shares the objectives of the Campaign for Take-Off, albeit adapted to the specific characteristics of Sardinia.

The Regional Department for Industry, known as the Industry Board, which includes the Energy Service –in its capacity as the body responsible for energy issues– has set up a “Regional Energy Forum”, of which the Environmental Board is a member, together with trade associations, producers and representatives of industry and research centres.

A specific working group will be in charge of defining the scope of RES actions. The working group “Renewables/Energie Rinnovabili” is made up of representatives of the Sustainable Environmental Service (Department for Environment) and the Energy Service (Department of Industry), supported by an external consultancy company (Koba).

General Directorate for Environment of the Sardinian Region (Environmental Board)

Parties involved:
· General Directorate for Industry (Industry Board) - Energy service

Ms. Carla Testa
Servizio Sviluppo Sostenibile, Autorità Ambientale e Politiche Comunitarie
Regione Autonoma della Sardegna
Via Roma, 80
09123 Cagliari – Italia
Tel: 00 39 070 606 6761
Fax: 00 39 070 606 6697



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