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SAMSOE The Danish Renewable Energy Island
Five main tasks shall be implemented:1.The establishment of a solar heating package, which shall be sold to approximately 1000 households on the island.The package will contain:  1) The technical options including in some cases heat pumps and biomass plants.  2) A loan agreement with local banks.  3) Installation of equipment.  4) Service and maintenance for 10 years period.  5) Insurance.2.The establishment of 4-village district heating systems based on biomass, two of them CHP schemes. Co-operatives, which will own and operate the district heating systems, will be established and similar for the open land establishment of neighbour heating systems. Financial models will be developed and loan agreements with local banks organised.The gradual phasing out of existing individual heating equipment, normally oil burners, will be organised together with an economic compensation for individual consumers.3.The establishment of biomass, wood pellet and wood chip and other biomass production and delivery service to households and farmers in open land.Attractive financial models and loan agreements will be developed for such consumers to phase out oil based heating equipment. Local organisations will establish the bio- fuel production and transportation to consumers on the same basis as oil delivery services. Support schemes will be developed to initiate the activity, which will gradually operate on a commercial basis.4.The establishment of 11 x 1,000 kW wind turbines on the island in the year of 2000/2001 and 10 x 2,000 kW wind turbines in the shallow water outside to the island in 2002/2003. Establishment of co-operatives to own and manage parts of installations. Financing schemes to be developed and strong involvement by in principal all inhabitants on the island.5. Reduction of conventional energy consumption in the transport sector is not going to have serious effect in the first stages of the project period. But it is now possible to reduce consumption by 15% by replacing half of the cars by electrically powered vehicles.To compensate for the conventional energy use of ferries it is the intention to install 20 MW wind energy capacity offshore.6.The establishment of local workgroups.The work packages have a technical side and also necessary commitment from the local people on organisational issues. Each package needs its own working group.
Samsoe Energiselskab Smba

Parties involved:
Samsoe Energy and Enviroment Office Samsoe Farmers Association Samsoe Commercial Council Samsoe Municipality

Mr. Johnsen NielsenManagerSamso Energy Company
Mollebakkevej 8
DK-8305 Samso

Phone: +45 8659 3211
Fax: +45 8792 2221


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