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SAMSOE The Danish Renewable Energy Island
The overall objective is to have Samsoe 100% supplied by renewable energy in 2008. It is further the objective to maximise the participation of the individuals on the island in the project on all levels, i.e. politically (local support), technically (local job creation), and financially (local investment, establishment of local co-operatives).In terms of input to the energy supply, the different technologies are planned to contribute 80% of the heating required (20% for elderly people and summer cottages) with the following:
Technology% supplied by RE
Wind Energy22
Solar heating3
As far as the transport sector is concerned, it is not possible to achieve 100% renewable coverage initially. It is possible to reduce the consumption by 15% by replacing half of the cars by electrically powered vehicles.The transport sector will then consume about 250 TJ/year. Ferries account for one third of this. Installing 20 MW in an offshore wind farm covers this consumption.
Samsoe Energiselskab Smba

Parties involved:
Samsoe Energy and Enviroment Office Samsoe Farmers Association Samsoe Commercial Council Samsoe Municipality

Mr. Johnsen NielsenManagerSamso Energy Company
Mollebakkevej 8
DK-8305 Samso

Phone: +45 8659 3211
Fax: +45 8792 2221


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