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SAMSOE The Danish Renewable Energy Island
The island of Samsoe, Denmark, was in 1998 selected by the Danish Government as a demonstration case for a community to be supplied with 100% RE within the next decade.This status was obtained in a competition organised by the Ministry of Energy.The island, which covers 114 km2, has 4,400 inhabitants.Tourist accommodation totals between 375,000 and 400,000 nights per year.Samsoe has important renewable energy resources available and faces no technical difficulties in covering the energy needs by energy from biomass, solar energy and wind energy.The most important means to achieving the objective of 100% community renewable energy supply are: • Cuts in consumption and increased efficiency in terms of heat, electricity and transport by the introduction of up to date energy technologies and adjusting people´s behaviour patterns. • Expansion of the district heating supply systems combined with utilisation of local biomass resources. • Expansion of individual district heating systems using heat pumps, solar heating, biomass-plants and other means. • Construction of land-based and offshore wind power plants to cover electricity production. • Gradual conversion of the transport sector from petrol and oil power to electrical power, and later on hydrogen.
Samsoe Energiselskab Smba

Parties involved:
Samsoe Energy and Enviroment Office Samsoe Farmers Association Samsoe Commercial Council Samsoe Municipality

Mr. Johnsen NielsenManagerSamso Energy Company
Mollebakkevej 8
DK-8305 Samso

Phone: +45 8659 3211
Fax: +45 8792 2221


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