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÷vertorneŚ: Renewable Energy for Europe
÷vertorneŚ council district in the Torne Valley is set in beautiful and verdant countryside that in spite of its northerly location near the Arctic Circle has supported a population for thousands of years.

÷vertorneŚ Local Authority in 1983 declared ÷vertorneŚ Swedenís first eco-district. It is now clear that the local authority had then already begun its move toward long-term sustainable development for society. One of several significant actions was the construction of Ruskola Ecovillage, and of an evolved bio-fuel-based district heating system.

The Ecovillage was founded on the following four basic pillars:
democratic, technological, economic and social goals.

Ever since the project started, the housing in Ruskola Ecovillage has been heated using 75% renewable fuels. No fossil oil is used.All houses have baking ovens with a heat- retention capacity, the houses have extra heat insulation and are built of environmentally friendly materials.

The gardens have vegetable patches with purely ecological cultivation.
Tenant administration and community facilities are included.

÷vertorneŚ Local Authority aims to become a model in the field of human, community and economic development under ecological conditions.The interplay between nature and mankind should be based on relations that enable economic development while achieving a society that is sustainable in a long-term perspective.

Municipality of ÷vertorneŚ

Parties involved:
Ruskola Ecovillage
Lšnstrafiken i Norrbotten AB
BoRŲ Pannan AB
Ekfors Kraft AB
Lulea University of Technology, section for energy technology
National Road Administration - Northern Region
÷vertorneŚ Local Authority
Vattenfall AB, Northern Region
÷vertorneŚ Všrmeverk AB
Norrbotten Energy Network
SCA Forest and Timber AB

Mr. Per Lundbšck

Municipality of ÷vertorneŚ
95 785 ÷vertorneŚ - Sweden

Tel.: 46-927-72035
Fax: 46-927-77404


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