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Awards 2003
19 January 2004

Best Campaign for Take-Off Partnership 1999 - 2003

" Energy 21 " - The energy action plan of the upper Austria OÖ. Energiesparverband ; Austria
In the mid 90s, the regional energy strategy of Upper Austria defined goals to reduce fossil fuel consumption by increasing both energy efficiency and the use of RES. In 2000, the Upper Austrian Government passed the second phase of the strategy, continuing the targets of the successful first phase into the 21st century. 4.300 low energy domestic dwellings built, 22.000 heating installations replaced, 50 large scale solar thermal systems, green electricity support, 17 third party financing projects implemented, more than 16 MW of wind turbines, more PV solar plants, more combined heat and power biomass plants installed, more than 600.000 m2 solar collectors in operation.
Best CTO
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Grand Prize of the Jury

" Third party financing and the take-off of renewable energy sources in Spain.
IDAE; Spain.
IDAE, the Spanish Institute for the Diversification and Savings of Energy has developed the third party financing mechanism, which has become an indispensable tool for the development of renewable energies. IDAE focuses in one of the most relevant handicaps for the development of renewable energies, which are the financial constraints. Most significant projects carried out using this financing mechanism throughout Spain are biomass district heating grids, solar thermal installations, small hydroelectric power plants, a wind farm, PV solar installations and biomass energy plants.
Grand Prize
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Best National Renewable Energy Partnership

"Promoting the deployment of renewable energy in Ireland"
Information Office of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland; Ireland.
Sustainable Energy Ireland's mission is to promote the development of a sustainable national energy economy. The Renewable Energy Information Office invests full power to create safe conditions for the long-term development of renewable energy in Ireland. Annual investment in the renewable energy sector is increasing all the time, with an expected investment of over 200 million euros.
Best National
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Best Regional Renewable Energy Partnership

"Energy Planning in Navarra"
Regional Government of Navarra; Spain.
Navarra is a leading region in the development of wind energy. In 2002, the installed renewable energy power plants in Navarra produced 696 Megawatts and 77 Megawatts were added through co-generation. Both together produced 55% of the total electricity consumed in the region. In 2005, the installed Renewable Energy generating capacity will satisfy 97% of Navarra´s electricity consumption.
Best Regional
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Best Local Renewable Energy Partnership

"Poholan Voima's Bioenergy Programme"
Poholan Voima; Finland.
The main objective of the Finnish company Pohjolan Voima is to install 650 Megawatt electric power capacity, based on biomass resources. 85% of this target has been achieved to date. Further actions are the widespread use of forest chips, the plantation of 4000 ha of reed canary grass and an accompanying Research and Development Programme.
Best Local
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100% Renewable Energy Communities - Rural

"Varese Ligure 100% sustainable"
Municipality of Varese Ligure; Italy.
Varese Ligure, a rural municipality with 2.400 inhabitants, is the first Italian ISO and EMAS certified. Varese Ligure produces 4 million kw/h electricity from wind energy a year and further 2 million kw/h will be added soon. Several PV solar installations cover up to 98% of the energy needs of the buildings carrying the power plant.
Best Rural
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Best Renewable Energy Partnerships with Developing Countries

"World Network on Bioenergy - A global Renewable Energy Partnership"
EUBIA; Belgium.
EUBIA promotes a World Network on Bioenergy encompassing 48 partners from 24 countries. The Network addresses worldwide the adequate utilisation of biomass residues and energy crops and aims at developing solutions for bioenergy applications. The World Network on Bioenergy succeeded in setting up a trans-national forum, promoting small scale decentralised bioenergy technology applications and identifying international co-operation opportunities.
Best Renewable
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Best Renewable Energy Partnerships for Promotion

"Soltherm Europe Initiative"
Ecofys b.v.; The Netherlands.
The target for the Soltherm Europe Initiative and its 55 members is to contribute to the White Paper on Renewable Energies with a short-term goal to catalyse the realisation of 15 million m2 of solar thermal collector surface in 2004, to create co-operation between sales and installation companies and info centres and to launch information campaigns in all EU countries. 10.000 installers are involved and estimates predict that 4 million European households will be equipped with solar collectors thanks to the Soltherm Initiative.
Best Renewable
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Best Renewable Energy Partnerships with Industries

"Objective 15% of renewable energy in 2010"
ST Microelectronics; Italy.
STMicroelectronics is a worldwide manufacturer of electronic components. The company has a target of reduced CO2 emission by added value set in a "Decalogue": renewable energy use should be of 15% by 2010. These targets are achieved by reforestation activities, the implementation of wind farms with a total installed power of 150 Megawatts, the development of fuel cells use, the purchasing of green energy and the solar thermal development for office buildings and clean room air preheating.
Special Prize of the Jury

"Renewable Energy for Nordrhein - Westfalen"
Energieagentur Nordrhein - Westfalen; Germany.
Combined measures have been initiated by the energy agency of Nordrhein-Westfalen to create a new renewable energy market by support of users and producers aimed at strengthening economic performance and increasing employment: 8.645 PV solar systems installed, 25.493 domestic hot water production systems launched, 1.301 biomass plants in operation, almost 2 MW Windpower, 93.000 individuals trained in Renewable Energies, over 10.000 new jobs created in Nordrhein-Westfalen.
Special Prize
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