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The studies are subject to a disclaimer and copyright. The studies have been carried out for the European Commission and express the opinions of the organisations having undertaken them. The views have not been adopted or in any way approved by the European Commission and should not be relied upon as a statement of the European Commission's views. The European Commission does not guarantee the accuracy of the information given in the studies, nor does it accept responsibility for any use made thereof.

Copyright in these studies is held by the European Union. Persons wishing to use the contents of these studies (in whole or in part) for purposes other than their personal use are invited to submit a written request to the following address: European Commission - Energy DG Library (DM28, 0/36) - B-1049 Brussels or by electronic form







  • Review and analysis of EU wholesale energy markets

Historical and current data analysis of EU wholesale electricity, gas and CO2 markets pdf - 1014 KB [1014 KB]

Evaluation of Factors Impacting on Current and Future Market Liquidity and Efficiency pdf - 5 MB [5 MB]

  • Natural gas storage in the EU zip - 10 MB [10 MB]
  • LNG Study 2008 - prepared by MVV with Mr Moraleda, Mrs Van Der Linde, Mr Cameron, Mr Von Hirschhausen, Mr Hafner and Mr Vermeire

Part I: Study on Interoperability of LNG Facilities and Interchangeability of Gas and Advice on the Opportunity to Set-up an Action Plan for the Promotion of LNG Chain Investments pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

Part II task A: The Geopolitics of EU Gas Supply pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

Part II task B: Environmental and Sustainability Perspective pdf - 222 KB [222 KB]

Part II task C: Economic, Market and Financial Point of View pdf - 306 KB [306 KB]

Part II task D: Synthesis of Part II Reports, Global Conclusion and Suggestions pdf - 52 KB [52 KB]



Annex pdf - 168 KB [168 KB]

Annex pdf - 759 KB [759 KB]