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9 April 2014

Security measures for smart grid

In its Communication on "Smart Grids: from innovation to deployment" [COM/2011/202], the European Commission has recognised that smart grids, as a Critical Infrastructure, should operate securely and respect end users' privacy. For this reason, the Commission has decided to further investigate the challenges of ensuring adequate smart grid protection in the EU. In light of the above, ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency), in cooperation with ENER and CNECT, undertook consultations with the private and public sectors in order to formulate security measures to assist smart grid providers in improving the infrastructures' cyber resilience.

This has led to the formulation of this document, entitled ‘Proposal for a list of security measures for smart grid' pdf - 975 KB [975 KB] , containing 45 security measures structured in 11 security domains as well as the mapping of the identified security measures to the potential threats.

This document is linked to DG ENER actions on smart grid cyber security as well as to SG CNECT's proposal for a NIS Directive (Objective 1.4.2).

23 July 2013

Smart Grid projects in Europe: Lessons learned and current developments (2012 update)

Discover the content of the most updated and comprehensive inventory of Smart grid and smart metering projects in Europe for 2012: it includes 281 smart grid projects and around 90 smart metering pilots and roll-outs from 30 European countries.

Also available on the JRC website

28 January 2013

European Conference on Smart Grid Standardization Achievements

The European Commission, with the support of European Standardization Organizations (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI), organized on 28 January 2013 a high-level conference entitled "Smart Grid Standardization Achievements".

The European Commission's mandates to the European Standards Organization for Smart Meter standards were issued in March 2009, for electric vehicle standards in June 2010 and for Smart Grids standards in March 2011. During the conference the achievements of the work carried out on the basis of these mandates were disseminated.

Agenda and presentations are available here:

27 April 2012

Guidelines for conducting a cost-benefit analysis of Smart Grid projects

The goal of this report is to provide guidance and advice for conducting cost-benefit analyses of Smart Grid projects

9 March 2012

Preparations for the roll-out of smart metering systems

The Commission Recommendation to prepare the roll-out of smart-metering systems aims to facilitate the take-up of this new technology, by providing step-by-step guidelines for Member States on how to conduct cost-benefit analysis by 3 September 2012. It also sets common minimum functionalities of smart metering systems and addresses data protection and security issues. The European Commission (EC) is paving the way for a massive roll-out of smart metering systems. Following energy consumption in real time allow consumers to control their energy bills better.

Octobre 2011

Set of common functional requirements of the SMART METER

12 April 2011

Adoption of the Communication on Smart Grids

The Communication sets policy directions to drive forward the deployment of future European electricity networks. Bringing together the latest progress in Information and Communication technologies and network development will allow electricity to flow exactly where and when it is needed at the cheapest cost. Smart grids will enable consumers to follow their electricity consumption in real time, saving energy and money. Estimates show that smart electricity grids should reduce CO2 emissions in the EU by 9% and the annual household energy consumption by 10%. They should also help ensure the secure functioning of the electricity system and enable the integration of vast amounts of renewables.