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Gas secure supply - Gas Coordination Group

On 11 August 2011, the Gas Coordination Group was established. It is composed of senior officials of Member States' Competent Authorities for security of supply, ACER, ENTSOG, the Energy Community Secretariat, and representatives of industry and consumer associations, under the chairmanship of the European Commission (EC).

The task of the Gas Coordination Group is to facilitate the coordination of security of supply measures at Community level, improving preparedness of the EU and EnCT countries with regards to supply disruptions, and to examine and assist Member States in coordinating the measures taken at national level during a crisis. The Group regularly exchanges information on security of supply with supplier, consumer and transit countries.

Meeting Schedule 2015

  • 28/01/2015
  • 14/04/2015
  • 16/09/2015
  • 09/12/2015

Meeting Schedule 2014

Meeting Schedule 2013

Meeting Schedule 2012

Members of the Gas Coordination Group

  1. The EU-27 member states
  2. The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)
  3. The Energy Community Secretariat
  4. Industry and consumer associations:

Observers of the Gas Coordination Group