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Inter-TSO compensation mechanism and harmonisation of transmission tarification

Consultation period: 09/12/2008 - 28/02/2009

Objectives of the consultation

The consultation document is presented in the context of the preparation of binding Guidelines on Inter-TSO compensation. Its purpose is to outline specific issues on which the Commission seeks stakeholder comments that serve as inputs in the preparation process.

Regulation 1228/2003 on cross-border trade in electricity provides for the introduction of a compensation mechanism between Transmission System Operators (ITC) based on the costs of hosting cross-border flows of electricity (also known as transit). It also provides for the harmonisation of transmission charges, especially those applicable to generation. The aim in both cases is to support the development of the single electricity market by ensuring that decisions on cross-border trade and on plant location and retirement are not distorted and that the costs of the transmission infrastructure are recovered from those responsible for its use.

The Commission is publishing this consultation paper to gather the views of all stakeholders on the need for the Commission to produce Guidelines on these two topics and to inform about the development of proposals for such Guidelines. Although this topic is by its nature quite technical, and therefore the information contained in this consultation is often complex, the Commission considers the issues relating to the internal market in electricity to be of a general interest.

Respondents to this consultation should send their responses by 28 February by email to

All responses will be published in full unless it is specifically indicated that the information contained within the response is confidential.

Contact information

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