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The EU Electricity & Gas markets: third legislative package



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|Gas directive 2003/55/EC, Regulation 1775/2005 and SoS Directive 2004/67/EC

|Notes for the implementation of Gas directive 2003/55/EC

|Notes for the implementation of Regulation 1775/2005

|Price transparency directive 1990/377/EEC

|Historical documents


The Gas directive 2003/55/EC is the key European legislation to establish the Internal Market of Gas. The directive had to be implemented by the Member States by 1 July 2004. Notes for implementation of the Electricity and Gas directives clarify how in practise the directives should be implemented.

The Regulation on conditions for access to the gas transmission networks sets rules for transmission of gas between Member States. A proposal for the regulation was made 10 December 2003. This regulation will ensure that the voluntary rules agreed in the Madrid forum will be implemented in all Member-States.

The Gas directive is based on a proposal made in March 2001 to revise the old gas directive  (98/30/EC), adopted in 1998.

In 2004, the EU adopted a Directive on security of natural gas supply. This Directive establishes measures to safeguard an adequate level for the security of gas supply.







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