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Workshop "Contribution of EU demonstration projects to the development of the offshore grid" (EEPR)

Brussels, 15-16 March 2011

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy (unit C2) organised a workshop on 15 and 16 March 2011 on the contribution of EU co-financed demonstration projects to the development of the offshore grid.

Major European demonstration projects on wind-grid integration were presented and discussed, including the projects co-financed in the offshore wind part of the European Energy Programme for Recovery (Kriegers Flak, Cobra cable, HVDC Hub Scotland) and the large-scale FP 7 project Twenties.

The workshop discussions focused on:

  • current technological bottlenecks, compatibility between components from different manufacturers and prospects of technologies that will be available in the next years of the co-financed projects;
  • main technological challenges within different scenario’s for the architecture of the offshore grid;
  • needs for future EU funded technology demonstration projects in support of the development of the offshore grid.

The workshop involved active participation by  representatives of the project promotors, TSO’s, technology manufacturers, offshore wind electricity producers and representatives of the ENTSO-e, the European Electricity Grid Initiative, the European Wind Industrial Initiative and the North Sea Countries’ Offshore Grid Initiative (working group on grid architecture).