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Smart Grids

Smart Grids: from innovation to deployment


The Communication "Smart Grids: from innovation to deployment" paves the way towards the deployment of the future European electricity networks. Thanks to the latest technology electricity will be delivered where and when needed, and consumers will be able to monitor their electricity consumption in real time.

Facts & Figures



Do you know that...

  • Gas and renewables are increasingly contributing to electricity generation in the EU, just after nuclear and coal.
  • In 2009 the share of renewables in electricity generation was 68% in Austria, while the EU average was 18%.
  • In 2009 15 Member States produced electricity from nuclear energy, with the highest share observed in France (76%).
  • In 2009 Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Ireland and Italy produced more than 50% of their electricity from natural gas.
  • Electricity generation from coal remains particularly high in Poland and Estonia, where it accounts for 87%.
  • Electricity generation in Malta and Cyprus is nearly exclusively dependent on oil.


Policy initiative

12 April 2011

The Communication focuses on five priorities: (1) developing technical standards, (2) ensuring data protection for consumers, (3) establishing a regulatory framework to provide incentives for Smart Grid deployment, (4) guaranteeing an open and competitive retail market in the interest of consumers and (5) providing continued support to innovation for technology and systems.

Press room

7 July 2011

Intelligent electricity networks – smart grids – are a key component of the EU energy strategy, but substantial investments are needed to make them a reality.

12 April 2011