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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency


On 22 June the European Commission released the proposal for a directive on energy efficiency. The directive aims to help member states step up efforts to use energy more efficiently at all stages: from the generation and transformation of energy to its distribution and consumption.

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Do you know that...

  • Transport and industry consume more than half of the final energy in the EU, while households consume a quarter.
  • Final energy consumed by transport has strongly increased in the last two decades (+31%) even though the economic crisis has slightly reversed the trend in 2009.


Policy initiative

8 March 2011

The proposed measures aim to save 20% of annual primary energy consumption compared to projections (368 million Mtoe by 2020). The full implementation of the plan should deliver important energy savings through increased efficiency notably in the public transport and building sectors.


22 June 2011

The directive introduces measures helping public bodies, energy utilities, the industry, and consumers better manage their energy consumption, and namely:

  • A legal obligation for all Member States to establish energy saving schemes
  • An obligation for public bodies to purchase energy-efficient buildings, products and services, and refurbish 3% of their buildings each year
  • Better information for consumers on their meters and bills
  • Incentives for the industry to undergo energy audits
  • Monitoring of efficiency levels of new energy generation capacity
  • Ensuring that national energy regulators take into account efficiency criteria when approving network tariffs

Proposal for a directive on energy efficiency [COM/2011/0370]