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Florence Forum



|14th meeting (24-25/09/2007)

|TWG (6/11/2006 and 23/01/2007)

|13th meeting (7-8/09/2006)

|12th meeting (1-2/09/2005)

|Mini-fora (17/12/2004 - 15/2/2005)

|11th meeting (16-17/09/2004)

|10th meeting (8-9/07/2003)

|9th meeting (17-18/10/2002)

|8th meeting (21-22/02/2002)

|7th meeting (7-8/05/2001)

|6th meeting  (9-10/11/2000)

|5th meeting  (30-31/03/2000)

|4th meeting  (25-26/11/1999)

|3rd meeting  (19-20/05/1999)

|2nd meeting (8-9/10/1998)

|1st meeting  (5-6/02/1998)

The Florence Regulatory Process

The Electricity Regulatory Forum of Florence was set up to discuss the creation of a true internal electricity market. The participants are national regulatory authorities, Member States, European Commission, transmission system operators, electricity traders, consumers, network users, and power exchanges. The Forum convenes once or twice a year, formerly in Florence but now in Rome. The first meeting was held  in 1998.

The Forum currently addresses cross border trade of electricity, in particular the tarification of cross border electricity exchanges and the management of scarce interconnection capacity.


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