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Energy Efficiency

Office equipment

The European Energy Star Programme is a voluntary energy labelling programme for office equipment. The Energy Star logo helps consumers identify office equipment products that save energy and money. Manufacturers, assemblers, exporters, importers and retailers willing to place the Energy Star label on products meeting or exceeding energy-efficiency guidelines are invited to register with the European Commission (EC).

EU-US Energy Star Agreement

In 2006, the new EU-US Energy Star Agreement for office equipment came into force for a second period of five years. It takes into account the experiences of the first period of programme implementation, and contains new demanding and innovative energy efficiency criteria. The criteria cover the energy consumption both in the standby and in the use phase, and will be further developed and adapted to future technology and market evolution.

In 2003, The European Community Energy Star Board was established.

In 2001, the first Agreement between the USA and the EU came into force for an initial period of five years.