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Energy Efficiency

Energy Performance Contracting Campaign (EPCC)

The new Multiannual Financial Framework for 2014 to 2020 is currently under negotiation and the Commission has proposed to increase the funding available for energy efficiency measures and renewable energy. In addition, the recently agreed Energy Efficiency Directive obliges Member States to renovate public buildings, to introduce energy efficiency obligations and to establish financing facilities for energy efficiency measures. The binding measures contained within the Directive will require considerable investment by Member States at an early stage.

In response to this changing financial and regulatory landscape, DG Energy in cooperation with the EIB's PPP expertise centre (EPEC), ManagEnergy Initiative and the Covenant of Mayors is launching an EU-Energy Performance Contracting Campaign that to support Member States and market actors with rolling out of functioning energy services market.

Launch of a Code of Conduct to make energy performance contracting markets more transparent across Europe

The European Code of Conduct for Energy Performance Contracting pdf - 246 KB [246 KB] defines the basic values and principles that are considered fundamental for the successful preparation and implementation of EPC projects in Europe. This code has been developed within the Intelligent Energy Europe project Transparense, in cooperation with inter alia EPC providers, clients, and European ESCO associations.


The aim of campaign is to enable country-specific discussion and capacity building of the core stakeholders, which should enable better understanding of a business model based on investments financed by savings, address issues such as accounting of public deficit and debt, increase the confidence of the core stakeholders towards reliability and effectiveness of the EPC model, and help Member States with establishing an enabling legal and financial framework for the market with energy services.

Campaign Structure

The campaign consists of targeted capacity buildings seminars which will be organised from now on until the end of next year across the EU. Furthermore, training materials, guidance documents and best practise examples will be made available and shared. The campaign is progressively being rolled out at the national level (in co-operation with EPEC), regional level (through the ManagEnergy Initiative) and local level (via the Covenant of Mayors).

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Other IEE-funded initiatives are also using Energy Performance Contracting to deliver energy savings.

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