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Energy Efficiency

Public consultation

Intelligent Energy – Europe III in Horizon 2020 

Consultation period

From 21/06/2012 to 12/09/2012

Policy field(s)

Sustainable energy, Renewable Energy, Energy efficiency, Energy Technology & innovation, Electricity, Security of supply, Energy infrastructure

Target group(s)

Public authorities, Member States authorities, private organizations, industry associations, SMEs, citizens, consumer organizations, trade unions, NGOs, environmental organizations.

Objective of the consultation

Intelligent Energy – Europe II (IEE II) is one of the three pillars of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) and the main EU instrument for non-technological support in the field of energy. Its objective is to contribute to removal of market barriers that hamper the efficient use of energy and increased use of renewable energy sources.

In the Commission’s proposal for the next Multiannual Financial Framework (2014-2020), it has been proposed that the successor to IEE II (IEE III), will continue in the under the Energy Challenge of the future EU programme for Research and Innovation ´Horizon 2020´. This public consultation will provide an important contribution for shaping IEE III in Horizon 2020.

Information on on-line questionnaires

You are invited to reply to this public consultation by answering the IPM on-line questionnaire

Please submit your response to this public consultation by 12 September 2012 at the latest.

Received contributions will be published on the Internet. It is important to read the specific privacy statement attached to this consultation for information on how your personal data and contribution will be dealt with. Non-registered organization responses will be published separately.

Contact details

Responsible service : ENER.C.3

E-mail :

Postal address :

European Commission
DG Energy - ENER.C.3
‘Energy efficiency’
Rue De Mot 24-26
B-1049 Bruxelles

Number of responses received to this consultation

643 contributions