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Energy Efficiency

Cogeneration - Combined Heat and Power

On 11 February 2004, the Directive 2004/8/EC on the promotion of cogeneration based on a useful heat demand in the internal energy market was adopted. The purpose is to facilitate the installation and operation of electrical cogeneration plants (a technology allowing the production in one process of heat and electricity) in order to save energy and combat climate change.

Member States' reports

Member States report to the EC on the results of the analysis and evaluations carried out in accordance with Articles 5(3), 6(1), 9(1) and 9(2) not later than 21 February 2006, on the result of the evaluation referred to in Article 6(3), not later than 21 February 2007 and thereafter every four years and on the statistics on national electricity and heat production from cogeneration, in accordance with the methodology shown in Annex II, first time before the end of December 2004 covering data for the year 2003, and thereafter on an annual basis.

First Round of National Reports

Second National Progress Reports

Commission reporting

On the basis of the reports submitted pursuant to Article 10, the Commission shall review the application of the Directive 2004/8/EC and submit to the EP and to the Council not later than 21 February 2008 and thereafter every four years, a progress report on the implementation of this Directive.