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Energy Efficiency


Concerted Action EPBD

To support EU Member States in the task of reducing energy consumption, the Concerted Action (CA) EPBD was launched by the European Commission to promote dialogue and exchange of best practice between them. The key aim is to enhance the sharing of information and experiences from national adoption and implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.


The objective of BUILD UP Skills is to boost continuing or further education and training of craftsmen and other on-site construction workers and systems installers in the building sector. The final aim is to increase the number of qualified workers across Europe to deliver renovations offering a high energy performance as well as new, nearly zero-energy buildings. The initiative addresses skills in relation to energy efficiency and renewable energy in all types of buildings.


The BUILD UP web portal is intended to reap the benefits of Europe's collective intelligence on energy reduction in buildings for all relevant audiences. It brings together practitioners and professional associations while motivating them to exchange best working practices and knowledge and to transfer tools and resources.