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Publicity guidelines & logos

As a beneficiary of the European Energy Programme for Recovery funding, one of your legal obligations is to provide the proper publicity to inform the public of the EU's financial support:

Any report, brochure or other documentation connected with your EEPR co-funded project must mention EU co-financing.

What information must be included

Unless the European Commission (EC) requests otherwise, all communication or publication about the project – including at a conference or seminar – must indicate that the project has received funding from the EU.

The guidelines includes information on publications and dissemination materials, and public works.


Ready-to-use material

To make this task easier, Directorate-General for Energy (DG ENER) has created the following picture in all EU official languages which can be used to fulfil points 1 and 3 of the above-mentioned publicity requirements.

If you choose to use the DG ENER-supplied logo, please ensure:

  • elements of the picture should not be separated, i.e. please use the picture as one whole unit
  • enough free space around the picture, for clarity purposes

The following zip files include for each language a low resolution version of the logo (for websites and Power Point presentations) and the high resolution version of the logo (for publications, signage, posters, other printed materials).


The following zip files include for each language a PSD, JPG and PDF format of the logo.

  • Günther Oettinger
  • Director-General for Energy - Dominique Ristori