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Call for tenders
Contract notices published in the Official Journal "Second Buildings Platform to support the implementation of the Energy Performance of Building Directive (2002/91/EC"
Time-limit for receipt of tenders: 16/09/2008
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20% renewable energy by 2020



Support Programmes


|Research and Technology Development (RTD) Framework Programmes (FP)

|Intelligent Energy - Europe and previous nonRTD Support Programmes

Research and Technology Development (RTD) Framework Programmes (FP)

Overview  FP7  FP6  FP5  FP4


Research and innovation help deliver jobs, prosperity and quality of life. The EU leads the world in many technologies, but faces increasing challenges not just from traditional competitors, but from emerging economies. Joint programmes can deliver results that member states cannot achieve in isolation. The main instruments to achieve this are the Framework Programmes (FP).

Seventh RTD Framework Programme (2007-2013)

More information on FP7: DG RTD website and DG TREN RTD


Sixth RTD Framework Programme (2002 - 2006)

FP6 was the framework programme for the EU activities in the field of science, research and innovation over the period 2002-2006. With a budget of 17.5 billion euros it represented about 4 to 5 percent of the overall expenditure on RTD in EU Member States. The main objective of FP6 was to contribute to the creation of the European Research Area (ERA) by improving integration and coordination of research in Europe which was largely fragmented. At the same time research was targeted at strengthening the competitiveness of the European economy, solving major societal questions and supporting the formulation and implementation of other EU policies.

More information on FP6: DG TREN FP6 website, DG RTD FP6 website and CORDIS website.

Fifth RTD Framework Programme (1998 - 2002)

The Fifth Framework Programme with its two parts: the European Community (EC) framework programme covering research, technological development and demonstration activities; and the Euratom framework programme covering research and training activities in the nuclear sector, differed considerably from its predecessors. It was conceived to help solve problems and to respond to the major socio-economic challenges facing Europe. To maximise its impact, it focused on a limited number of research areas combining technological, industrial, economic, social and cultural aspects.

A budget of 13.7 billion euro was devoted for the implementation of the European Community section of FP5. Combined with the 1,260 million euro allocated to the Euratom programme, this brought the global budget for research during 1999-2002 to 14.96 billion euro (which represented an increase, in absolute terms, of 4.61% compared to the Fourth Framework Programme.)

More information on FP5: DG TREN FP5 website, DG RTD FP5 website and CORDIS website.

Fourth RTD Framework Programme 1994 - 1998 (FP4)

During the period 1994-1998, European Union RTD activities were carried out under the Fourth Framework Programme (FP4) with total budget of ECU 13.2 billion (EC: ECU 11.9 billion, Euratom: ECU 1.3 billion).
Most of the activities related to energy were conducted under the Non-Nuclear Energy - R&D Component (JOULE III) with a budget of ECU 1.03 billion and two components: Research and Development (JOULE) Demonstration (THERMIE).

More information on FP5: DG TREN FP4 website, DG RTD FP4 website and CORDIS website.


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