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Contract notices published in the Official Journal "Second Buildings Platform to support the implementation of the Energy Performance of Building Directive (2002/91/EC"
Time-limit for receipt of tenders: 16/09/2008
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Launch of an impact assessment on energy labelling of tyres

In its Action Plan on Energy Efficiency (COM(2006)545), the European Commission announced that it would consider proposing a labelling scheme for tyres in 2008. The aim is to promote low rolling resistance tyre (LRRT) as they allow for fuel savings amounting to 3-4%. A wider use of LRRT would hence contribute to the Community strategy on reducing road transport emissions.

Promoting LRRT in the replacement market (75% of the tyre market) may be an effective way to contribute to the CO2 reduction target set in the Community strategy to reduce CO2 emissions from passenger cars and light duty vehicles.

An impact assessment has been launched to assess policy options on how to promote market transformation towards LRRT, in particular through the introduction of tyre energy labelling taking into account safety considerations and other parameters such as noise and durability. The policy options will be assessed for C1/C2 and C3 tyres taking into account the regulatory package under consideration on Advanced Safety Features and Tyres.

Within this framework, a contract has been signed with the European Policy Evaluation Consortium (GHK-TNO) to provide input to the impact assessment. We thank in advance stakeholders for their collaboration along this study.

For additional information, please contact

Stakeholder consultation

In the framework of the ongoing impact assessment on energy labelling of tyres, the European Commission is holding a workshop for stakeholders' consultation on the 26th of May. The attendees will consist of representatives of Member States, consumer organisations, environmental NGOs, the tyre industry, car manufacturers, and retailer organisations.

Commission working document for stakeholders consultation on tyre labelling


Summary of stakeholder consultation meeting

Comments can be sent to a few days ahead of the workshop so as to allow for a well structured discussion.

The Commission will publish position papers on this web site except for specific request for confidentiality.


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Environment, Nature and Energy Department of the Flemish Government

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