Children taken care of, mothers at work


10.01.2005 - 31.12.2007


Liina Pärtel



Development Partnership

Office of the Minister for Population and Ethnic Affairs of Estonia


Since year 2000 Estonian birth rate has raised thrivingly, but it has also brought along problems for parents to get a place for children in to the kindergarten. In the year 2005 was the lack of childcare places exreamly high, over a 50% in local communites. And second problem was that in year 2005 there was no proffessional childminders in Estonia.


To start up with family child-minding system in Estonia Increasing employment of parents through the creation of flexible childcare system


Created childcare terminology vocabulary Published methodologycal material for family childcare providers and to others interest groups Two researches-"Child-minding care models in EU and Estonia, comparison of those models" and "Alternative childcare opportunities in Estonia today" (also publised).


Based on made researches created Estonian diverse and functional childcare model Childcare provision is now written on Estonian legislation.