"Ex-Libris - Reconvert/Adapt/Certify Castelo Branco Embroideries"




António Realinho


Development Partnership

ADRACES - Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Raia Centro-Sul


Reconvert and Value Traditional Crafts and Trades


Implementation of an integrated territorial intervention model, whose application promotes reconversion and promotion of a traditional product and all the activities associated with it. Construction of instruments and mechanisms that allow: requalification and promotion of assets that create professional profiles and specific training standards; adaptation of production and organisation processes in various ways: adaptation of quality and innovation standards, inclusion of new technologies in the production and sales process, prospecting of consumer markets and internationalisation of the product. Integrated and participative territorial approach


White Book on Promoting Traditional Activities


"Ex-Libris": Specifications document Training standards "Risk" software and user manual Brand image Scientific research on the activity and the product "Post-Libris" results: Intervention strategy for the scale of activities associated with chestnuts (Marvão) Creation of the mechanisms necessary for certification of the Póvoa de Lanhoso filigree Adaptation of the "Risk" software to Terras de Bouro embroideries, Namorados handkerchiefs from Minho and Póvoa de Lanhoso filigree