The Creation and Testing of the Mechanism of Integration of the Roma People into the Labour Market


01/12/2004 - 29/08/2008


Romualda Navikaite



Development Partnership

Lithuanian Children's Fund


Lithuanias economy was rising from 2003, living conditions were improving, but Roma marginalisation was actually increasing. Small Roma minority is long-term excluded from labour market due lack of knowledge and experience. Current needs include the need for accreditation of vocational training, finding sources of income for young generation alternative to crime. The project was aimed at testing the support mechanism for Roma integration into the labour market and developing the cooperation. networks.


Developing and testing the social support mechanism for Roma integration into the labour market and co-operation networks by using specially trained Roma people and representatives of the general public and preparing the scheme for the wider implementation of this mechanism.


Tested social support mechanism has been modified and proposed as the possible way for better integration of Roma.It became clear that Roma need: • First working experience in secure working market • Learning at the actual possible working place • Developing of Roma working skills at the working place


•The model of the social partnership created and implemented, local cooperation networks tested •Social workers, Roma assistants have been trained. 26 Roma received vocational training, 84 Roma additionally trained •Information channel for Roma has been created •Research "Attitudes of the Roma and Employers towards Roma Integration into the Labour Market" has been completed •Needs of Roma have been introduced to the general public •Politicians have been influenced through discussions on legal acts