Beneath the Surface/Under ytan




Gunnar Svensson



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Beneath the Surface/Under ytan


Both in schools and in society as a whole, there is a norm structure that assumes heterosexuality—the heteronorm. This results in invisibility of gay, lesbian and bisexual persons in school, both students and personnel. There is need to raise the issue of sexual orientation and homophobia in schools so that an environment is created where everyone is included regardless of sexual orientation.


- Identify relevant target groups within the national educational system - Build strong partnerships involving teachers, school administration and personnel, students and teachers in teacher-training programs, municipal politicians and employees within the educational area, trade union representatives, and students - Develop educational resources and methodologies for raising awareness, as well as training material - Provide training for teachers, school personnel and teachers in training - Research - Awareness raising through media, conferences and seminars


- Open up Your Workplace—Challenging Homophobia and Heteronormativity - Norms at Work—Challenging Homophobia and Heteronormativity - What Lies Beneath the Surface? (interactive DVD) More materials & information:


- Books and leaflets - Interactive DVD - Training for trainers - National and international conferences and seminars - Successful national and transnational cooperation - More than 3,000 people educated within the project 96% of them would recommend the training session to others