VaSkooli - Development of an Education and Training Guarantee System for Turku and Salo Regions


15/11/2004 - 31.1.2008


Matti Mäkelä



Development Partnership

Turku Vocational Institute


The objective of the VaSkooli project was to develop a regional model of education and training guarantee to offer a place of study for every young person finishing basic education.


Training guarantee model created in VaSkooli project is based on multi-vocational guidance and support, flexible co-operation in working life, support to educational responsibility as well as enhancing the students´life management and increasing their experiences from working life.


Training guarantee model Collected good practices: - flexible education models - guidance in and after school - motivation, competence and skills Training materials for students, teachers and others Products and tools are available in internet: (english) (finnish)


1094 members of the target group (youngsters at risk of being excluded from education and/or labour market) were involved in the project activities. 80,8 % of then were at school or at work when their finished their participation in the project. For organisations project offered new tools and models for training and guidance. In national level project did a lot of work in disseminating the training guarantee model. One of the most notable events was seminar held in Finnish parliament October 2007.