EXITO - Trying Equality at Work and in Organisations




Agostinho Rodrigues


Development Partnership

ADILO - Agência de Desenvolvimento Integrado de Lordelo do Ouro


The schools and the various education agents that participate in them, particularly at the various levels of primary schooling, are not sufficiently concerned with developing programs and strategies that counter gender stereotypes.


The NOTAI product is a Leisure-Pedagogical kit that allows educational agents to create awareness and intervene within the scope of EO and professional diversification. Generally speaking, there are 4 thematic books for awareness and intervention: "The Equality Corner," directed at early childhood educators "Schools/Choices without Barriers," directed at educators for grades 5 to 9, with activities applicable to the program of various disciplines and an intervention program in the schools area-project. "Roads to Diversity," directed at psychologists from Psychology and Guidance Departments, "AnimArt for EqualArt," directed at social-cultural instructors, offering activities related to plastic arts, drama and music, with the aim of creatively exploring EO. It is a supplementary response to existing curricular programs.


NOTAI - Notes for Equality


Dissemination of NOTAI has demonstrated that School Groupings and their educational agents are aware of EO and they increasingly value its inclusion in curriculum plans