José Nunes


Development Partnership

ADTR - Associação de Desenvolvimento Terras do Regadio


Need to begin processes that stimulate tourism entrepreneurship with local and regional inter-institutional cooperation and increase in territorial attractiveness, oriented toward generating an environment that fosters sustained development in the tourism sector.


Innovative practical itinerary for general application of good practices in tourism promotion. Allows identification of key factors in the attractiveness of territories and proposes solutions to problems related to tourism dynamics. Favours an innovative territorial leverage process, essentially using endogenous capital (people, companies, structures, historical, cultural and environmental heritage), without losing site of the regional, national and European framework in terms of guidelines and strategies. Equips users with practical and systemic instruments dedicated to the development of an economic activity sector that is considered crucial to the country. Assists local authorities in integrating tourism as a pillar for their strategic planning, seeking to adapt investment and public infrastructures, and stimulating everyone's participation.


Roadbook: Roads to Sustainable Tourism. Good Practices in Tourism Development


Generation of an environment that fosters tourism development in the territory that is the target of the experimentation (4 municipalities). Creation of new tourism products based on inter-municipal cooperation Qualification of entrepreneurs and technicians in the tourism sector Increase in the supply of tourism services (accommodation, restaurants, entertainment)