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Èlia Silva


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Escola Profissional de Alte, CIPRL


Insufficient entrepreneurship attitude of young people and difficulty in defining and consolidating personal projects. Insufficient use of participative methodologies and non-formal education in formal education/training contexts. Lack of work tools that allow Education/Training professionals to operationalise methodologies for developing entrepreneurial skills in students/trainees. Lack of cooperation between the methodologies of diagnosis/evaluation of


Capacitation of Education/Training professionals in terms of the START methodologies - Assessment of Skills -- Key to Entrepreneurship, and Club More - Education for Entrepreneurship, and in the methodological principles that they are based on: Experience Learning Cycle and Non-formal education.


.Assessment of Skills - Key to Entrepreneurship (Diagnostic tool and discussion of Skills - Key to Entrepreneurship) . Club More - Education for Entrepreneurship (Tool for developing skills for entrepreneurship).


- 77 Education/Training professionals capacitated by the Entrepreneurship Facilitators Training Course (4 actions). - 25% of capacitated professionals request a session for incorporating START methodologies (5 Sessions: Serpa, Mértola, Beja, Évora, Portimão). - 488 sets of manuals distributed.