Carlos Ribeiro


Development Partnership

ANOP - Associação Nacional de Oficinas de Projectos


Create conditions that favour entrepreneurship of persons in a situation of exclusion, such as the unemployed; immigrant women and ethnic minorities; workers over 50; young people under 30; disabled persons; residents of economically depressed neighbourhoods and urban regions; seasonal workers and workers from social companies.


Diagnose the conditions that currently exist at a local and/or regional level for Inclusive Entrepreneurship. The purpose of the Product is to: -Facilitate self-evaluation in terms of the current devices for supporting the creation of economic activities and micro-enterprises, favouring the practices and experiences of inclusive entrepreneurship included in the CoPIE tool. -"Mapping" and helping develop and improving a regional/local strategy for promoting inclusive entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurship culture in general. -Set aside the new companies and information and training courses most suited to supporting the development of entrepreneurial projects, not to mention access to financing and micro-credit.


European Tool for Inclusive Entrepreneurship - Tool developed and expanded within a scope of transnational cooperation and partnership Community of Practice - http://copie.esflive.eu/)


Sets the foundation for creating or empowering cooperation networks between organisations that invigorate and manage devices that support establishment of companies within a given territory, increasing their installed capacity and integration of other services related to inclusive entrepreneurship. Helps increase the shared capacity for training and consulting in supporting and sustaining entrepreneurial projects and self-employment projects, particularly the social sectors that are most vulnerable in the territories.