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Paula Martinez


Development Partnership

Questão de Equilíbrio - Associação de Educação e Inserção de Jovens


Equip the recipients with knowledge that will allow them to become responsible, autonomous, motivated, participative, supportive and knowledgeable of the resources existing in the community, and in the various social, employment and training structures. Develop support/aid methodologies to companies that are partners in the integration.


Allows for organised and structured implementation of Integrated Plans of Guidance-Education-Integration of Disadvantaged Groups supported by individualised diagnostic/assessment instruments and presentation of an activity (Controlled Risk Activity) as a Pedagogical Technical Resource to promote participation of final recipients and acquisition of the personal and social skills necessary for integration in the labour market.


Intervention Support Manual (RTP 1) Integrated Information System (RTP 2) Principles and Guidelines for Using Controlled Risk Activities (RTP3) Good Practices Narrative (DVD NBP1)


This solution integrates various actions (psycho-social-motivation intervention diagnostic/assessment, training of personal and social skills, professional integration and follow-up), taking into account different agents (guidance technicians, technicians, final recipients, employers, etc.) in an individualised and adapted manner, in accordance with diagnosed needs.