Access Ability


01/09/02 - 01/05/05


Hugh Cassidy



Development Partnership

Rehab Enterprises


The overall aim of the Access Ability EQUAL Project was to: · identify effective action, · achieve progress in providing more opportunity for people with disabilities to access employment. The project aimed to do this by working mostly with (i) Human Resource (HR) sector, developing & providing practical supports to employers and (ii) people with disabilities seeking employment, facilitating both the recruitment and the retention in employment of people with disabilities


The Access Ability project had two distinct phases after formation of the Project team, the first phase (up to mid-2003) involved consultation with employers and HR personnel and defining, designing and developing the services this consultation process identified employers and HR personnel needed. This resulted in the identification of three specific ways that companies can be supported to facilitate the integration of people with disabilities in and into the workplace. The project team designed services they could offer employers to support them throughout this step by step process. From mid-2003, the project piloted and honed these services based on feedback received.


Environmental Assessments, Expertise to ensure that buildings and workstations are accessible. Training, practical training workshops for HR teams and line managers in managing diversity in the workplace. Workpath, provides support once an employer decides to employ a person with a disability


The target for the first group of beneficiaries was to place people with disabilities into employment. Difficulties were experienced, for a number of reasons including the 'Benefits Trap'. It was also found that some people with disabilities were in need of specialised training such as interview skills, disclosure of a disability etc. The target for the second group of beneficiaries, was to train 400 employers and HR personnel. The project well exceeded this figure and demand continues