Norbert Bichl



Development Partnership

Beratungszentrum für Migranten und Migrantinnen (Counselling Centre for Migrants)


In the past decade there was a change in the structure of immigrants. More and more well and highly skilled persons have come. Frequently jobs are below their acquired education and there have been very few opportunities for promoting development. For example, no structural help was provided to job seekers or highly qualified people who want to have their degrees recognised. In fact, 'newcomers" experience restrictions when entering the Austrian labour market.


The objective of InterCulturExpress was to promote migrants` labour market entry, career progression and job changes. It helped migrants make proper use of their qualifications. In a framework of very important Viennese players in the fields of migration and labour market InterCulturExpress have increased general awareness of the human resources represented by migrants.


Training course for migrants in order to become trainers and counsellors Development of language materials in the electric and metal field Mentoring for qualified female migrants E-learning tools for migrants Development of workshops for multipliers Documentary film: 'Migration as an opportunity'.


Most of the projects exist still after EQUAL in Vienna, funded by different institutions. Among other initiatives, also special recognition and further educational counselling centres for refugees (project PERSPEKTIVE) and for new immigrants in Vienna were founded.