Different People. Equal Opportunities




Ana Cardoso


Development Partnership



A set of obstacles to professional integration of certain groups: individuals with low academic and professional skills; negative self-image; gap between expectations and skills; training system, programs and training-employment measures inaccessible to all; definition of admissibility requirements that exclude people with greater difficulties in professional integration; social support systems that lack a holistic perspective in social intervention; labour market with precarious employment conditions; existence of forms of recruitment and work organisation tending to be discriminatory.


The ultimate goal of the project 'Different People. Equal Opportunities" is to facilitate professional integration of certain groups of the population. Integrated Plans: The goal was to provide an answer in terms of orientation-training, which constitutes a coherent whole, placing people, their needs, potential and aspirations at the centre of an intervention in which they are protagonists. Toolkit: Tool that allows: . users to produce statistical reports and monitor the situation and conduct subsequent planning; assess development of personal and social skills that are normally not indicated in these types of databases. . users access to the information it contains and awareness through self-evaluation. Can be shared among various entities (networking), permitting the sharing of users and their transfer.


. Constructing Integrated Plans . Training Practice for Social Participants: 'Quality in Integration" . Toolkit . Social Responsibility Practices in the Workplace . Orientation Guide for Trade Union Intervention in Companies for Social Responsibility


Use of the document 'Social Responsibility Practices in the Workplace" by the Lisbon Metro and use of the EQUAL Project 'Social Dialogue and Equality at Companies"; implementation of the 'integrated plans methodology" by the teams of the AI of Matosinhos and Amadora and by CooperActiva; Use of the toolkit by the Development CMC of Idanha a Nova and by ADEIMA and by ADEIMA. Strong interest of the trade union directors in the 'Orientation Guide for Trade Union Intervention in Companies for Social Responsibility." Development of a set of skills was fostered at the 'Integrated Plans" workshops.