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DP Managing organisation : Red Cross Finland, South-West District
Other national partners :
EQUAL theme :Asylum seekers 
Type of DP :Sectoral - Specific discrimination and inequality problems 
DP Legal status :Non-profit making organisation 
DP identification :FI-93 
Application phase :Approved for action 2 
Selection date :01-11-2004 
Last update :26-10-2005 


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Finland receives annually approximately 3000 asylum seekers (3600 applications in year 2004) and they are directed to 15 reception centres around the country. The application process can take from three months to four years and approximately 15-20% of the applicants gain residence permit annually from the authorities. In many cases Finland is not the first European country where asylum is sought, which also creates a challenging field to work with for the staff of reception centres and authorities working with asylum issues. Asylum seekers are quite a small group in numbers, and they are mostly marginalised in Finnish society. In Finland asylum seekers have had the possibility to join working life without work permit since year 2002, which has increased the interest towards labour market among the asylum seekers. Access to the working life still needs a lot of support and information for both asylum seekers and employers.

Becoming More Visible-project has formed a DP with four reception centres and one association in order to try out and disseminate suitable training models and solutions enhancing self management of the asylum seekers in the new situation.The project includes different types of centres, two of them provide accommodation in centres and the other two have organized private forms of accommodation around the city.

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BECOMING MORE VISIBLE (BMV)- the ways of support the self management of the asylum seekers

BMV-project creates different models to support the development of the self management for the asylum seekers by offering training, short-term courses, ways of learning Finnish or Swedish language and society skills and helping their way to working life in Finland or their home countries. BMV-project strives to promote interaction between the local population and the asylum seekers by participating and organizing different anti-racist activities and brings visibility to asylum seekers´ situation also by creating contacts with surrounding society.

The project also tries out forms of teaching democracy, human rights and gender issues. In Finland asylum seekers are allowed to work after being registered to a reception centre for the period of three months. The project is supporting this by creating contacts with employees and delivering appropriate information to both parties about workers´ rights, duties, legislation etc with co-operation between trade union, tax and employment offices and other authorities. BMV-project provides different educational material and forms a training model to pave access to information society. Project provides training for the staff of all reception centres in Finland.

The Becoming More Visible-project works in many co-operational levels, networking to further multi-culturalism in work life and society. The Development partnership is created by four Reception centres (Turku, Tampere, Vaasa and Kajaani) and The Finnish Association of Adults Education. Each partner has its own sub-project in order to try out different approaches towards overall goal of the whole project. Project is administrated by Red Cross Finland, South West District.

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Nature of the experimental activities to be implemented Rating
Guidance, counselling ***
Training ****
Training on work place *
Work placement *
Employment aids (+ for self-employment) ***
Integrated measures (pathway to integration) *
Training of teachers, trainers and staff **
Guidance and social services **
Awareness raising, information, publicity ****
Studies and analysis of discrimination features *

Type of innovation Rating
Process-oriented ***
Goal-oriented ***

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Budget Action 2

1 500 000 – 2 000 000 €

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Assistance to persons 
Unemployed  50.0%  50.0% 
Employed  0.0%  0.0% 
Others (without status, social beneficiaries...)  0.0%  0.0% 
Migrants, ethnic minorities, …  0.0%  0.0% 
Asylum seekers  50.0%  50.0% 
Population not migrant and not asylum seeker  0.0%  0.0% 
Physical Impairment  0.0%  0.0% 
Mental Impairment  0.0%  0.0% 
Mental Illness  0.0%  0.0% 
Population not suffering from a disability  50.0%  50.0% 
Substance abusers 0.0%  0.0% 
Homeless  0.0%  0.0% 
(Ex-)prisoners  0.0%  0.0% 
Other discriminated (religion, sexual orientation)  0.0%  0.0% 
Without such specific discriminations  50.0%  50.0% 
< 25 year  20.0%  20.0% 
25 - 50 year  20.0%  20.0% 
> 50 year  10.0%  10.0% 

Assistance to structures and systems and accompanying measures Rating
Asylum ****
Racial discrimination ****

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 With beneficiaries

Promoting individual empowerment
Developing collective responsibility and capacity for action
Participation in running and evaluating activities
Changing attitudes and behavior of key actors

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Participation of the asylum seekers for the project design has not been possible to arrange because the process of seeking asylum is in a great change in Finland. The planning of Becoming More Visible-project is mostly based on the feedback of the asylum seekers during the previous project (Becoming Visible).


 Between national partners

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Becoming More Visible -project is the only project in Finland funded by EQUAL in the thematic field of asylum seekers. The project participates in the national thematic work with projects that work in the field of multicultaralism in society and working life, tolerance and ethnic equality.

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 Linguistic skills

  • suomi
  • English
  • svenska
  • Deutsch

 Percentage of the budget for transnational activities

  • 18.0%

 Transnational Co-operation Partnerships

Transnational Co-operation Agreement DPs involved
3522 Asylum Seekers Active Partnership (ASAP) AT 6-18/342
IT IT-S2-MDL-147
LT 1
PL 95
UKgb 94

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 Involvment in previous EU programmes

  • Two and more partners involved in A&E

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National Partners

Partner To be contacted for
Red Cross Finland, South-West District Co-ordination of experimental activities
Design of the project
DP managing organisation
Monitoring, data collection
Transnational partnership

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Agreement Summary

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Becoming More Visible-project has signed ASAP (Asylum Seekers Active Partnership) - Transnational Cooperation Agreement (TCA) together with Integra 2004/ Italy, InPower/ Austria, IN CORPORE/ Lithuania, MUR/ Poland and ATLAS/ Scotland. Transnational activities will be regular transnational steering group meetings, transnational work group meetings and project visits, exchange of reports, exchange of personnel, agendas, materials on profiles, aims, objectives, activities, skills and competences. Above all there will be exchange of information and expertise between member states, and deepening understanding of asylum seekers´situation in other states leading to a more concise approach.

Apart of steering group meetings, there will be six working groups which are dealing with following themes: 1) Accreditet qualifications for those working with asylum seekers 2) Database and skills auditing 3) Models to wmpower and promote self-management of asylum seekers and staff working with them & production of materials for target group 4) Create positive images and combat racism 5) Create standard guidelines/councelling of asylum seekers 6) Production of dissemination tools - partnership products, progress reports, newsletters.

All partners in TCA will join the staff exchange program.

First TCA meeting takes place in Naples 7.-9.9.2005, and final meeting will be held in Naples in June 2007.

Development Partnership Agreement summary

Last update: 26-10-2005 dot Top

Red Cross Finland, South-West District

Yliopistonkatu 24a 14
20100 TURKU

Tel:+358-2- 2745541

Responsibility in the DP: Co-ordination of experimental activities
Design of the project
DP managing organisation
Monitoring, data collection
Transnational partnership
Type of organisation:Social services
Legal status:Non-profit private organisation (including NGO...)
Size:Staff 50-250
Date of joining / leaving:01-11-2004 / 31-12-2007

Last update: 26-10-2005 dot Top



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Becoming More Visible


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Suomesta hakee vuosittain turvapaikkaa noin 3000 henkilöä (3600 vuonna 2004). Heidät sijoitetaan 15 vastaanottokeskukseen ympäri maata. Turvapaikanhakuprosessi voi kestää kolmesta kuukaudesta neljään vuoteen, ja se johtaa vuosittain 15-20%:ssa tapauksista oleskelulupaan. Monissa tapauksissa Suomi ei ole ensimmäinen maa, mihin hakija on jättänyt turvapaikkahakemuksen. Tämä osaltaan lisää toimintaympäistön haastavuutta ja aiheuttaa muutoksia vastaanottotyössä. Turvapaikanhakijat muodostavat pienen, yleensä marginalisoituneen ryhmän suomalaisessa yhteiskunnassa. Huolimatta työluvasta vapauttamisesta vuonna 2002 turvapaikanhakijan tie työelämään vaatii tukea ja oikeaa tietoa sekä hakijoille että työelämän muille osapuolille.

Becoming More Visible-projekti muodostaa neljän vastaanottokeskuksen sekä yhden yhdistyksen välisen yhteistyökumppanuuden ja sen tarkoituksena on kokeilla ja kehittää sopivia koulutusmuotoja ja ratkaisuja turvapaikanhakijoiden elämänhallinnan tukemiseksi uudessa tilanteessa. Projektiin osallistuu eri tyyppisiä vastaanottokeskuksia. Turun ja Tampereen keskuksissa turvapaikanhakijat majoitetaan pääsääntöisesti keskuksiin, kun taas Vaasan ja Kajaanin keskuksissa majoitus on hajautettu ympäri kaupunkia.

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BECOMING MORE VISIBLE (BMV) - keinoja turvapaikanhakijoiden elämänhallinnan tukemiseen

BMV-projekti luo erilaisia malleja turvapaikanhakijoiden elämänhallinnan kehittämiseksi tarjoamalla koulutusta, lyhytkursseja, uusia menetelmiä suomen ja ruotsin kielen sekä yhteisötaitojen oppimiseen ja tukemalla työllistymisen edellytyksiä Suomessa tai heidän kotimaissaan. BMV-projekti edistää vuorovaikutusta turvapaikanhakijoiden ja kantaväestön välillä osallistumalla ja järjestämällä rasisminvastaista toimintaa ja tapahtumia. Projekti edistää näkyvyyttä tiedottamalla turvapaikanhakijoista ja heidän tilanteestaan ja luo yhteyksiä ympäröivään yhteiskuntaan.

Projektissa kokeillaan demokratia-, ihmisoikeus- ja tasa-arvo-opetuksen muotoja. Turvapaikanhakijoilla on oikeus tehdä työtä oltuaan kolme kuukautta rekisteröitynä jossakin Suomen vastaanottokeskuksessa. Projekti tukee työelämään pääsyä luomalla kontakteja työnantajiin ja tuottamalla tarvittavaa tietoa molemmille osapuolille esim. työntekijöiden oikeuksista, velvollisuuksista ja työelämälainsäädännöstä. Tämä tapahtuu yhteistyössä ammattiliittojen, työvoima- ja verohallinnon sekä muiden viranomaisten kanssa. Projekti tuottaa myös monenlaista koulutusmateriaalia ja -malleja esim. tietoyhteiskuntavalmiuksien edistämiseksi, ja järjestää koulutusta myös vastaanottokeskusten henkilökunnalle.

Becoming More Visible-projekti verkostoituu ja tekee yhteistyötä erilaisten toimijoiden kanssa edistääkseen monikulttuurisen työelämän ja yhteiskunnan rakentamista. Kehittämiskumppanuuden muodostavat Turun, Tampereen, Vaasan ja Kajaanin vastaanottokeskukset ja Kansalais- ja työväenopistojen liitto ry., joista kaikilla on oma osaprojektinsa erilaisten lähestymistapojen kokeilemiseksi projektin yhteisten tavoitteiden saavuttamiseksi. Projektia hallinnoi Suomen Punaisen Ristin Varsinais-Suomen piiri.

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