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Czech Republic

DP Managing organisation : Sdružení pro péči o duševně nemocné Fokus Praha
Other national partners : Sananim
EQUAL theme :Entrepreneurship - Social economy 
Type of DP :Geographical - Urban area - Praha 
DP Legal status :Non-profit making organisation 
DP identification :CZ-64 
Application phase :Approved for action 2 
Selection date :11-08-2005 
Last update :03-01-2006 


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Project reacts on need of creation of alternative model on job market for people with difficult placement and applies social firm as feasible model for various target groups. Social firm offers solution on ther border of social service and open placemnet, which is unlimited nad enables tolerance of possible handicap. Professional base of the project enables creation of conceptional outputs appliable to other target groups.
Development partnership plans to create legislation material, incorporate social firm into social services quality standards, and by means of international partnership to compare situation of various countries from legislation point of view. Project improves staff capacity working with target groups (education of work assistants, couching), it provides re-qualification to job seekers in social firm.

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b) Project improves employment of long/term unemployed people with handicap, it increases their qualification and / re/socialization measure. By means of mixing target groups it also contributes to stigma reduction of creation target groups, mainly by pointing out common characteristics of long/term handicapped people on job market and their overcoming common situation. Work in social firm contributes to creation and managing of working skills, project enables to gain re/qualification and creation of trainer/ couch/ placement who will support newly employed users.

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Nature of the experimental activities to be implemented Rating
Guidance, counselling ***
Training *
Training on work place *
Job rotation and job sharing *
Employment aids (+ for self-employment) ***
Integrated measures (pathway to integration) ****
Employment creation and support ****
Training of teachers, trainers and staff ***
Improvement of employment services, Recruitment structures **
Conception for training programs, certification *
Anticipation of technical changes *
Work organisation, improvement of access to work places ***
Guidance and social services ****
Awareness raising, information, publicity ***
Studies and analysis of discrimination features ***

Type of innovation Rating
Goal-oriented ***

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Project provides inovative model of job opportunities creation for people disabled on job market, it is possible to apply it also on other target groups with similar handicap.Social firm model is inovative in our environment as such, because it connects signs of alternative employment and professional approach with chances for unlimited work in non-sheltered conditions and stress on clients´individuality. We consider inovative the effort for economical independence- enterpreneurship in social field and connection of open employment and rehabilitation. Social firm is on the top of preparation for work (rehabilitation), but it enables unlimited placement with certaion amount of support at the same time. By means of social firm operation we assume inclusion of re-qualification programmes for those service users, whom the lack of it prevents from succeeding on their position. We consider innovative sign also participation of users on active community life, inclusion of various target groups (mentally ill, handicapped, addicts). Project provides education to professionals working with target groups, except broadening of theoretical and practical aspects of rehabilitation work of current workers with job seekers it also creates "couch" placements, who have enough time to assist to newly employed employees in social firm and train them on their positions.

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Budget Action 2

250 000 – 500 000 €

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Assistance to persons 
Unemployed  40.0%  40.0% 
Employed  10.0%  10.0% 
Others (without status, social beneficiaries...)  0.0%  0.0% 
Migrants, ethnic minorities, …  0.0%  0.0% 
Asylum seekers  0.0%  0.0% 
Population not migrant and not asylum seeker  50.0%  50.0% 
Physical Impairment  0.0%  0.0% 
Mental Impairment  10.0%  10.0% 
Mental Illness  40.0%  40.0% 
Population not suffering from a disability  0.0%  0.0% 
Substance abusers 0.0%  0.0% 
Homeless  0.0%  0.0% 
(Ex-)prisoners  0.0%  0.0% 
Other discriminated (religion, sexual orientation)  0.0%  0.0% 
Without such specific discriminations  50.0%  50.0% 
< 25 year  0.0%  0.0% 
25 - 50 year  50.0%  50.0% 
> 50 year  0.0%  0.0% 

Assistance to structures and systems and accompanying measures Rating
Support to entrepreneurship ****
Disabilities ****
Low qualification ****
Unemployment ***

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 With beneficiaries

Promoting individual empowerment
Participation in the project design
Participation in running and evaluating activities

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Target group is formed by people handicapped on job market, due to handicap (long-term mental illness, drug addicts, handicap, mental handicap). We consider interested subjects that can have influence on development and progress in field of empoyment and integration of these people (community, public, NGOs, state authorities, enterpreneurs).


 Between national partners

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Partners: Fokus Praha, Sananim, cooperation with others institutions and organizations: Prague Labour Office, Municipal authorities, Philosophical Faculty of Charles University, NGOs for other target groups...

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 Linguistic skills

  • čeština
  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Nederlands

 Percentage of the budget for transnational activities

  • 9.0%

 Transnational Co-operation Partnerships

Transnational Co-operation Agreement DPs involved
3938 BUILDING BRIDGES between people, policies and enterprises DE XB4-76051-20-BY/206
FR IDF-2004-44088
FR NPC-2004-41337
IT IT-G2-EMI-011
NL 2004/EQC/0008
UKgb 78

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 Involvment in previous EU programmes

  • One partner involved in A&E

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National Partners

Partner To be contacted for
Sdružení pro péči o duševně nemocné Fokus Praha Co-ordination of experimental activities
Design of the project
DP managing organisation
Monitoring, data collection
Transnational partnership

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Agreement Summary

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Development partnership is included into international partnership called „Building Bridges“. Benefit of this co-operration is especially represented by information and experience exchange in filed of social services and vocational integration of people with handicap on job market, know-how gaining in field of social firm and enterpreneurship in general and work on common products (diversity management manual, web sites, book concerning mental health etc.) Foreign study visits, work groups meetings and common meetings of international partners will especially help this.

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Sdružení pro péči o duševně nemocné Fokus Praha

Dolákova 24
180 00 Praha


Responsibility in the DP: Co-ordination of experimental activities
Design of the project
DP managing organisation
Monitoring, data collection
Transnational partnership
Type of organisation:Social economy enterprise
Legal status:Non-profit private organisation (including NGO...)
Size:Staff 50-250
NUTS code:
Date of joining / leaving:30-09-2004 /

Contact person(s)

Name First name Phone E-mail Responsibility
Wurtherlová Markéta +420233553303 all

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(New Partner 1)
Novovysočanská 604
Praha 9


Responsibility in the DP:
Type of organisation:Organisation providing support and guidance for disadvantaged groups
Legal status:Non-profit private organisation (including NGO...)
Size:Staff 50-250
NUTS code:
Date of joining / leaving:30-09-2004 /

Contact person(s)

Name First name Phone E-mail Responsibility
Richterová - ťemínová Martina +420266315306 all

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