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Czech Republic

DP Managing organisation : Nový Prostor obcanske sdruzeni
Other national partners : AISIS o.s.
Christian V.I.P. s. r. o.
EQUAL theme :Entrepreneurship - Social economy 
Type of DP :Sectoral - Specific discrimination and inequality problems 
DP Legal status :Other 
DP identification :CZ-59 
Application phase :Approved for action 1 
Selection date :15-12-2004 
Last update :06-05-2008 


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Reason of creating RP is the development and implementation and wide spreading of new type of services that would allow the non-government sector to deliver new solutions for inequity nad discrimination in employment approach. That means focusing on groups of long time unemployed people, people in danger of social excusion or people released from prison. the open and flexible character of designed services enables this service to embrace wider groups of people such as graduates, people who needs flexible working times or groups whose specifications need adaptation to working process as well as Gypsies or emigrants.

The service will create a new efficient tool at he labour market that will have a big capacity (more than hundreds of clients a year) and will combine together labour involvement, social-advisory clients support, and clients key competency development and modern training methods. Simultaneously the project will create new jobs in non-goverment sector and will increase the employment of people with low qualification. The service has also major potential in creating decimal flexible positions. It can also participate in organisation of pubic beneficial works and also increase the capacity of many measures that already exist that we think are not very effective because of their no co-operation.

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The main goal of the RP is the creation, testing and evaluation of a new, modern service operating on a "social business" basis. The main development priorities are focused into two areas:

1. Job outsourcing demanded by the labour marked to professionally conducted client teams of our newly developmed service, development of commercial and non-commercial "best practice" soutions to create suitable commercial relationships for refined client reams on the market of outsorced services.

2. Development of a work-educational environment which enables the provision of outsourced services for persons which did not meet the usual requirements of employers (taking over non-standard long-term educational, social and consultancy care for clients and their practical organization and management of work within acquired orders).

For this purpose the RP merges organizations with advanced capacities and mature skills in the following areas: development of key social skills, creation of complex educational systems, project management, operating a "social business", establishing new commercial business and services, optimization of operation and management of SMEs.

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Nature of the experimental activities to be implemented Rating
Guidance, counselling ****
Training ****
Training on work place ****
Work placement **
Job rotation and job sharing *
Employment aids (+ for self-employment) ****
Integrated measures (pathway to integration) **
Employment creation and support ****
Training of teachers, trainers and staff ***
Improvement of employment services, Recruitment structures ****
Conception for training programs, certification ****
Anticipation of technical changes **
Work organisation, improvement of access to work places ****
Guidance and social services ***
Awareness raising, information, publicity ****
Studies and analysis of discrimination features **

Type of innovation Rating
Process-oriented ****
Goal-oriented ****
Context oriented ***

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Analytical part of materials on Equal initiative states clerly that existing not connected measures at labour market leads at the target group to poor outputs and clients are usually very passive. The goal of RP is to crucially innovate the practise of influencing difficulty employed clients in short not connected time terms and Precautions that are realised by organisation that do not share the information. the aim is to create and integrate model of socially educational service that will provide client with continual contact with one organisation and with targeted developing team of colleagues on daily basis.

The development of non-discriminating, friendly environment with high number of involved clients is key to this project at the test phase focused on operational-organisational tuning it should be around 60 clients a day. Client will take part in different activities based on culture platform of permanent work conditions. Part of employment atmosphere is also a continuous team work of clients on the basis of autonomous team (industrial and focused on increased participation of teams on decision making). Work in teams is thouhg to be one of the most effective tools of development of key social competency.

In training programe we will train employees working in this new service in trainers skills, in team making and team development skills. complex educational and training programme tailored for employees is crucial for succes of this project.

Important innovation in the area of creation of modern outsorcing service for commercial and non-commercial subject will be done in cultural, methodical and economical field. Development and implementation will be done by partners who are experienced in this field.

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Budget requested :

< 250 000 €

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Assistance to persons 
Unemployed  30.0%  30.0% 
Employed  5.0%  5.0% 
Others (without status, social beneficiaries...)  15.0%  15.0% 
Migrants, ethnic minorities, …  10.0%  10.0% 
Asylum seekers  2.0%  2.0% 
Population not migrant and not asylum seeker  38.0%  38.0% 
Physical Impairment  10.0%  10.0% 
Mental Impairment  5.0%  5.0% 
Mental Illness  10.0%  10.0% 
Population not suffering from a disability  25.0%  25.0% 
Substance abusers 1.0%  1.0% 
Homeless  9.0%  9.0% 
(Ex-)prisoners  10.0%  10.0% 
Other discriminated (religion, sexual orientation)  20.0%  20.0% 
Without such specific discriminations  10.0%  10.0% 
< 25 year  15.0%  15.0% 
25 - 50 year  25.0%  25.0% 
> 50 year  10.0%  10.0% 

Assistance to structures and systems and accompanying measures Rating
Sexual Orientation *
Asylum *
Gender discrimination *
Support to entrepreneurship **
Discrimination and inequality in employment ***
Disabilities *
Other discriminations *
Age ***
Low qualification ****
Racial discrimination *
Religion or belief **
Unemployment ****

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 With beneficiaries

Promoting individual empowerment
Developing collective responsibility and capacity for action
Participation in the project design
Participation in running and evaluating activities
Changing attitudes and behavior of key actors

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Long time unemployed people, people in danger of social exclusion or people released from prison. The open and flexible character of designed services enables this service to embrace wider groups of people such as graduates, people who needs flexible working times or groups whose specifications need adaptation to working process as well as Gypsies or emigrants.


 Between national partners


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We welcome offers for cooperation especially in the following areas:

- defining key skills, their development and evaluation

- experience in application of active employment policy

- practise and development of systems of trained employment

- systems of activation, motivation, education and development of services leading to employment

- operation and development of working agencies offering commercial outsourcing

- methodical frameworks in creation of long-term relationships with employers

- methodology of diagnostic tools for entry analysis and continuous evaluation of clients skills development

- methodology of efficiency assessment of developing, educational or social services

On the contrary we offer our skills especially in the field of our most extensive experience:

- development of social skills of persons threatened with exlusion from society via innovations of providers organisational environment

- establishment and operation of "social business" organisations

- methodology and practise in training programmes in the area of social skills (in and out-door programmes for businesses and NGOs)

- professional establishment of new businesses and services: finance, marketing, logistics, management, systems of quality, investments - backed by a partner with international experience

- complex systems and methodology in human resources development in a comercial and non- commerical environment

 Linguistic skills

  • čeština
  • English
  • Deutsch
  • magyar

 Preferences for transnational cooperation

  • Sweden
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia

 Percentage of the budget for transnational activities

  • 35.0%

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 Involvment in previous EU programmes

  • Two and more partners involved in A&E

 Preexisting partnership

  • No

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National Partners

Partner To be contacted for
Nový Prostor obcanske sdruzeni Co-ordination of experimental activities
Design of the project
DP managing organisation
Monitoring, data collection
Transnational partnership
AISIS o.s.
Christian V.I.P. s. r. o.

Nový Prostor obcanske sdruzeni

Pod Svahem 12
Nadrazni 56/740
147 00 Praha 4


Responsibility in the DP: Co-ordination of experimental activities
Design of the project
DP managing organisation
Monitoring, data collection
Transnational partnership
Type of organisation:Employers' organisation
Legal status:Non-profit private organisation (including NGO...)
Size:Staff 10-50
NUTS code:Praha
Date of joining / leaving:15-12-2004 / 31-08-2008

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Activities of HRDI project of NP focuse on reaching main target suplied European Comission. We would like to connect interests of the intepreneurs with liabilities towards of all citizens.

Contact person(s)

Name First name Phone E-mail Responsibility
Chudomel Jakub +420608213727 all
Sztarovicz Robert +420220199301 all

Last update: 06-05-2008 dot Top

AISIS o.s.

Gorkého 499
272 01 Kladno


Responsibility in the DP:
Type of organisation:Enterprise
Legal status:Non-profit private organisation (including NGO...)
Size:Staff 10-50
NUTS code:
Date of joining / leaving:15-12-2004 / 31-08-2008

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AISIS is involved in the creation and realization of the beneficial and educational programmes, that enables people develop their key life competencies, facilitate the equal opportunities and support the sustainable development of the organizations. AISIS also provides conference, information and advisory services.

Contact person(s)

Name First name Phone E-mail Responsibility
Ježek Martin +420312245818 all
Kotík Milan +420312245818 all

Last update: 06-05-2008 dot Top

Christian V.I.P. s. r. o.

Španělská 4/759
120 00 Praha


Responsibility in the DP:
Type of organisation:Enterprise
Legal status:Private
Size:Staff 10-50
NUTS code:Praha
Date of joining / leaving:24-08-2005 / 31-08-2008

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Christian engaged in consulting in the field of professional as well as public opinion. The organization is a specialist in: corporate and crisis communication, lobbying, media and PR activities.

Contact person(s)

Name First name Phone E-mail Responsibility
Staskova Barbora +420 222253016 09:00 - 16:00

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Human Resources Development Interface


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Hlavním cílem RP je vytvoření, otestování a evaluace nové, modrní služby pracující na platformě "socal bussines". Hlavní priority vývoje se budou orientovat do dvou oblastí: 1. Outsorcing prací požadovaný trhem práce na profesionálně vedené týmy klientů naší nově vzniklé služby. Vývoj komerčních i nekomerčních řešení, souboru best practise pro vytváření vhodných komerčních vztahů pro vykultivované týmy klientů na trhu outsourcovatelných služeb.
2. vývoj pracovně - vzdělávacího prostředí, které umožní outsourcované služby realizovat prostřednictvím osob, které běžným požadavkům zaměstnavatelů nevyhovují (převzetí nestandardní, dlouhodobé, vzdělávací, sociální a poradenské péče o klienty a jejich praktická organizace a řízení v práci na získaných zakázkách)

RP k tomu spojuje organizace s vyspělými kapacitami v oblastech: rozvoje klíčových sociálních kompetencí, vytváření komplexních vzdělávacích systémů, projektového řízení, provozování "social bussines", zakládání nových komerčních podniků a služeb, optimalizace řízení a provozu malých a středních podniků

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National Partners

Nový Prostor obcanske sdruzeni

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Aktivity projektu H/R/D/I Nového Prostoru o.s.
směrují k dosažení klíčového cíle stanoveného Evropskou komisí – spojovat zájmy podnikatelů se společenským závazkem vůči všem občanům: umožnit plnohodnotné prožití života založené na prosperitě vycházející z výdělku za práci.

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