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Czech Republic

DP Managing organisation : Federace rodičů a přátel sluchově postižených (FRPS)
Other national partners :
EQUAL theme :Employability - (Re-)integration to the labour market 
Type of DP :Geographical - Urban area - Praha 
DP Legal status :Association without legal form 
DP identification :CZ-32 
Application phase :Approved for action 1 
Selection date :15-12-2004 
Last update :07-07-2008 


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1. Project

The subject of this final report is the KARAVANA grant project – programme for professional training of talented individuals with hearing defect in computer graphics.

Detailed information are mentioned in the document Approved DPA of the grant project KARAVANA.

The realised activities within the scope of the project will be analysed, described and evaluated in the final report.

The project was realised from 1. 9. 2005 to 30. 6. 2007.

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1. Training and practice of deaf persons in computer graphics

2. Verifying the ability of deaf people to lecture in the fields of computer graphics and software using.

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Nature of the experimental activities to be implemented Rating
Guidance, counselling ***
Training ****
Training on work place ***
Work placement *
Job rotation and job sharing *
Employment aids (+ for self-employment) ***
Integrated measures (pathway to integration) ****
Employment creation and support *
Training of teachers, trainers and staff ****
Improvement of employment services, Recruitment structures ***
Conception for training programs, certification ****
Anticipation of technical changes *
Work organisation, improvement of access to work places **
Guidance and social services *
Awareness raising, information, publicity ***
Studies and analysis of discrimination features **

Type of innovation Rating
Process-oriented ***
Goal-oriented ***
Context oriented *

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Budget requested :

< 250 000 €

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Assistance to persons 
Unemployed  0.0%  0.0% 
Employed  0.0%  0.0% 
Others (without status, social beneficiaries...)  75.0%  25.0% 
Migrants, ethnic minorities, …  0.0%  0.0% 
Asylum seekers  0.0%  0.0% 
Population not migrant and not asylum seeker  75.0%  25.0% 
Physical Impairment  75.0%  25.0% 
Mental Impairment  0.0%  0.0% 
Mental Illness  0.0%  0.0% 
Population not suffering from a disability  0.0%  0.0% 
Substance abusers 0.0%  0.0% 
Homeless  0.0%  0.0% 
(Ex-)prisoners  0.0%  0.0% 
Other discriminated (religion, sexual orientation)  75.0%  25.0% 
Without such specific discriminations  0.0%  0.0% 
< 25 year  50.0%  25.0% 
25 - 50 year  25.0%  0.0% 
> 50 year  0.0%  0.0% 

Assistance to structures and systems and accompanying measures Rating
Disabilities **
Low qualification **
Unemployment ***

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 With beneficiaries

Promoting individual empowerment
Participation in running and evaluating activities
Changing attitudes and behavior of key actors


 Between national partners


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 Linguistic skills

  • čeština
  • English

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 Involvment in previous EU programmes

  • One partner involved in A&E

 Preexisting partnership

  • No

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National Partners

Partner To be contacted for
Federace rodičů a přátel sluchově postižených (FRPS) Co-ordination of experimental activities
Design of the project
DP managing organisation
Monitoring, data collection
Transnational partnership

Federace rodičů a přátel sluchově postižených (FRPS)

(New Partner 2)
Hábova 1571
155 00 Praha 5


Responsibility in the DP: Co-ordination of experimental activities
Design of the project
DP managing organisation
Monitoring, data collection
Transnational partnership
Type of organisation:Social services
Legal status:Non-profit private organisation (including NGO...)
Size:Staff 10-50
NUTS code:Praha
Date of joining / leaving:27-04-2005 / 30-06-2008

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The organization which deals with deaf people and organizes some courses for them.

Contact person(s)

Name First name Phone E-mail Responsibility
Doc. Ing. Hrubý, CSc. Jaroslav 233322152 information

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KARAVANA - Program vzdelavani talentovanych jedincu z rad sluchove postizenych.


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