DP Managing organisation : ORIA COMPUTERS d.o.o.
Other national partners : Center za socialno delo Trbovlje
Regionalni center za razvoj d.o.o. Zagorje
EQUAL theme :Equal opportunities - Reducing gender gaps and desegregation 
Type of DP :Geographical - Rural area - Zasavska 
DP Legal status :Association without legal form 
DP identification :SI-23 
Application phase :Approved for action 2 
Selection date :28-10-2004 
Last update :11-03-2009 


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Women employment has decreased in the last few years a great deal. Slovenia was for many years a country where women have reached a high level of working activity. Although more educated then men and with higher educational level and qualification, is the number of women on highest and best paid posts under average (31,8%).

Development partnership is necessary to encourage the assurance of equal opportunities of men and women and also for adjusting the professional and family life. According to every day's practice that legal equality is not the assurance for actual gender equality, we wish to make a common strategy for testing new ways to diminish the differences between formal equality and actual gender equality. For this additional measures are needed and to diminish the differences last year the law on equal opportunities of women and men was passed. However legally determined equality before law or forbidden discrimination could be promising on paper, the practise is not the same. It still happens the employer doesn't employ a woman for a permanent employment, but just for a fixed-term employment (in case she would get pregnant or has little children who could be ill a lot and would have to be on sick leave) or even – because of these reasons he doesn't employ her at all; in spite of constitutionally determined gender equality the practise or every day's life shows that according to legally assured rights the women are the one that are deprived. The second problem is, that in spite of adequate education women get worse posts or positions as men, are less paid and less represented in public life. These kinds of obstacles prevent women to reach the equal position as men and are even more obvious in the fields, reserved for men (employment on particular posts, politics, etc…).

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The purpose of partnership is to make a common strategy for testing new ways, ideas and methods in the fight against discrimination and inequality on labour market. The aims of our development partnership are to diminish differences based on geneder and support equality at work, ensuring the equal accessibility to labour market which means: assuring to increase women’s participation in educational programmes and trainings, decreasing salaries inequalities among women and men, developing action plans for preventing, revealing and abolishing all kinds of discrimination at progressing at work and getting access to rights and advantages from work and activating action plans for accelerating the access of women to managing positions and their cooperation in processes of making decisions.

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Nature of the experimental activities to be implemented Rating
Guidance, counselling ***
Training **
Training on work place **
Integrated measures (pathway to integration) **
Employment creation and support **
Training of teachers, trainers and staff **
Improvement of employment services, Recruitment structures **
Conception for training programs, certification **
Anticipation of technical changes **
Work organisation, improvement of access to work places **
Guidance and social services **
Awareness raising, information, publicity ***
Studies and analysis of discrimination features ***

Type of innovation Rating
Context oriented ****

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The programme of development partnership will in an innovative manner inform the leaders of the companies and management about necessity of equal treating of both genders at work in every respect. Especially innovative is to strive to include men in endeavouring for actual gender equality and determining the responsibility men have in this process, as they are an important contribution to development of politics for equal opportunities and gender equality on labour market.

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Budget Action 2

< 250 000 €

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Assistance to persons 
Unemployed  0.0%  0.0% 
Employed  20.0%  80.0% 
Others (without status, social beneficiaries...)  0.0%  0.0% 
Migrants, ethnic minorities, …  0.0%  0.0% 
Asylum seekers  0.0%  0.0% 
Population not migrant and not asylum seeker  20.0%  80.0% 
Physical Impairment  0.0%  0.0% 
Mental Impairment  0.0%  0.0% 
Mental Illness  0.0%  0.0% 
Population not suffering from a disability  20.0%  80.0% 
Substance abusers 0.0%  0.0% 
Homeless  0.0%  0.0% 
(Ex-)prisoners  0.0%  0.0% 
Other discriminated (religion, sexual orientation)  0.0%  0.0% 
Without such specific discriminations  20.0%  80.0% 
< 25 year  0.0%  20.0% 
25 - 50 year  20.0%  55.0% 
> 50 year  0.0%  5.0% 

Assistance to structures and systems and accompanying measures Rating
Sexual Orientation **
Gender discrimination ***
Support to entrepreneurship **
Discrimination and inequality in employment ***
Disabilities **
Other discriminations *
Age *
Low qualification **
Unemployment **

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 With beneficiaries

Developing collective responsibility and capacity for action
Participation in the project design
Participation in running and evaluating activities
Changing attitudes and behavior of key actors

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With the programme of development partnership we will contribute in general to bigger knowledge of the responsibility of the society and rights of women of a managing part of the team as well as politics. Employers have to promote women more systematically and introduce in the company a family friendly politics to keep them. A good network of institutionalised nursery school is an important factor for easier harmonizing of private and business life. In short – with ensuring equal opportinities among women and men and equal wages treatment, promotion and other incomes, self-confidence and contentment of women will improve because of possibilities to harmonize the family and business obligations.


 Between national partners

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Among partners of developmental partnership we expect consensual acceptance of decisions in all complexes of programme of developmental partnership, consultations, projects and team work, united solutions of eventual problems that could occur during the programme is carried out. In this way the creative reflections of all participants in this project will be stimulated.

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 Percentage of the budget for transnational activities

  • 10.0%

 Transnational Co-operation Partnerships

Transnational Co-operation Agreement DPs involved
4485 Equal -WEGA - Women European Gender Actions AT 5-01/233
ES ES20040371
IT IT-G2-FRI-012
SK 41

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 Involvment in previous EU programmes

  • Nobody involved in A&E

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National Partners

Partner To be contacted for
ORIA COMPUTERS d.o.o. Co-ordination of experimental activities
Design of the project
DP managing organisation
Monitoring, data collection
Center za socialno delo Trbovlje
Regionalni center za razvoj d.o.o. Zagorje Transnational partnership

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Agreement Summary

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No information available.

Last update: 11-03-2009 dot Top


(ORIA d.o.o.)
Podvine 36


Responsibility in the DP: Co-ordination of experimental activities
Design of the project
DP managing organisation
Monitoring, data collection
Type of organisation:Enterprise
Legal status:Private
Size:Staff 10-50
NUTS code:Zasavska
Date of joining / leaving:10-09-2004 / 28-10-2007

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The very beginning of the company Oria Computers started back in 1988. It was established to educate people, who discovered a new field of computers; later the activity spread to the field of computer equipment, barcode and complete services in e-logistics. Our main activities today are complete solutions in e-logistics, computer equipment, user support.

Currently there are 45 highly skilled employees in the company. We do the business from Zagorje ob Savi and from Ljubljana office.

Our comprehensive solutions for computerisation of logistics processes definitively add a new level of speed and convenience to different types of business - from food-processing to hardware manufacturing.
We provide computer equipment, tailored to your needs and offer expert and effective services, from designing computer networks to final installation, including the installation of licenced software.
With our help the efficiency of your computer equipment will undoubtedly exceed the average of ten percent.

Oria Computers is the Microsoft solution provider and was estimated for its quality system by an independent institution and awarded with ISO9001 certificate; it is also one of the qualified suppliers for the Slovenian government with over 8000 installed computers. We cover a wide segment of users from consumers to industry, banks, post-offices, insurance companies, government.

Contact person(s)

Name First name Phone E-mail Responsibility
Guna Urška +38635658460 General information

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Center za socialno delo Trbovlje

(CSD Trbovlje)
1420 Trbovlje


Responsibility in the DP:
Type of organisation:Other
Legal status:Public organisation
Size:Staff 10-50
NUTS code:Zasavska
Date of joining / leaving:10-09-2004 / 28-10-2007

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CSD (center for social work) is nonprofit public government organization for social care services and legal regulation in the field of social problems related to families with emphasize on children rights and protection.
We also provide different types of money suplement for peple in social distress

Contact person(s)

Name First name Phone E-mail Responsibility
Grošelj Košnik Irena +38635634017 general information

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Regionalni center za razvoj d.o.o. Zagorje

(RCR d.o.o.)
Podvine 36


Responsibility in the DP: Transnational partnership
Type of organisation:Enterprise
Legal status:Non-profit private organisation (including NGO...)
Size:Staff 10-50
NUTS code:Zasavska
Date of joining / leaving:10-09-2004 / 28-10-2007

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Regional Development Centre is a non-profit and non-government business organisation, with the overall development of the Zasavje region as its main objective.

Within these years RDC has prepared some crucial regional development documents, above all development strategy Zasavje 2000+ and Regional Development Plan for the period of 2001-2006. RDC initiated several development mechanisms provided for promotion of human resources, economy and environment and established good relations with similar development institutions all over Europe.

RDC covers three main different fields of work:
• Human Resources
• Economy and
• Environment and Spatial planning.

The field of human resources tackles high rate of unemployment and the problem of brain-drain. In order to accelerate development of regional economy RDC established a wide network of financial as well as non-financial support for entrepreneurs such as technology centre, business incubator and consultancy. In the field of environment and spatial planning the main issues have been related to coal-mining and energetics.

Contact person(s)

Name First name Phone E-mail Responsibility
Čeč Franci +38635660532 general information

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